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We offer the Silicon Valley's most expansive selection of cannabis products across the board.
Services include pre-orders, & free deliveries all over the Bay Area! 
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Caramel Chocolate CBD Bar

Bhang Chocolate

Sour Green Apple Fruit Chews

Smokiez Edibles

Midnight Blueberry CBN Gummies


Pomegranate Gummies 1:1

Plus Products

Mandarin Cooler


Tangie Cartridge

Papa's Herb

Lemon Lavender Hi Boy (4-Pack)

Cann Drinks

Tangerine Lozenge

Dollar Dose

Pink Lemons Chonker


Pink Panther

Pure Beauty

Lime Blossom Live Resin Cartridge

Raw Garden

The Chauffeur #2 Live Rosin (Tier 3)

710 Labs


Cannabis Delivery Map

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985 Timothy Drive,
San Jose, CA 95133


9am - 9pm


What are your delivery hours?

Delivery hours are 10AM-10PM. Same day deliveries for orders placed by 7:00 PM.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to over 50 cities; as far north as Concord, and as far south as Gilroy. Please see map above for specific parameters.

Can you deliver to public areas?

No, we cannot deliver to a public address - only private residences or places of work.

Do you Have a Storefront?

We do have a brick-and-mortar location at 985 Timothy Drive, San Jose, CA, 95133.

Do you have discounts?

We gladly offer a 20% discount to all military personnel (active/retired).
All guests 55 years or older receive a 10% wisdom discount.

Do you have sales or promotions?

We run recurring specials and offer several holiday deals throughout the year. Our online menu is updated daily and will always reflect all of our current specials.

Can I use my points?

Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot use your points for delivery.But don’t fret they still accumulate for when you come in to the store!

Can I return product?

Generally, we don’t accept returns on products, though we’ll always work with customers in-store who are experiencing manufacturer errors (e.g., leaky vaporizer cartridge).

Is there a fee for delivery?

Customers are never charged an extra fee for delivery - simply meet our minimum purchase required based on your location to qualify.

How much are taxes?

All customers are charged a state excise tax of 15%, a 10% San Jose business tax, and a 9.375% Santa Clara County sales tax. Customers possessing a state-issued MMJ recommendation are exempt from the County sales tax.
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Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and debit cards with a chip (used as a cashless ATM, increments of $5 and max $495 per day). For card transactions over $495, please have multiple forms of payment (one charge per card, per day). We do not accept American Express.

What do I need to sign up for delivery?

You must register online and include email and password to allow them to order through the website as well as providing a valid driver's license or identification card.

How long will it take to deliver?

It depends on the time of the day you schedule your order for and your location in relation to the Center. It can be as quick as 30 minutes for San Jose residents, or up to four hours for those in Burlingame.

How much can I order at a time?

This depends on whether you’re a medical or recreational customer.
Recreational customers can purchase up to 1 ounce of flower and 8000 mg of concentrates or edibles per day.
Medical customers can order up to 8 ounces of flower and concentrates per day.

Can you take orders over the phone?

You’ll need to sign up to verify you possess a state-issued ID and are at least 21 years of age before any orders are placed.
All orders are placed online using our digital menu.