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Zelly's Gift Pre-Roll (2-Pack)
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Zelly's Gift Pre-Roll (2-Pack)

Lit House
  • 23.00% THC

(Afgoo x Purple Thai x Super Lemon Haze x God Bud) x Jack Herer

2018 Emerald Cup Winner!

This unique connoisseur strain is packed with complex flavors that delight the palette. Zelly’s Gift imparts a joyful, energetic high, sure to leave you smiling!

Your favorite LitHouse cultivars in an easy to enjoy pre-roll. We think two is better than one, so each pack comes with two half-gram pre-rolls to give you the maximum amount of freshness and flavor with each and every puff. All of our pre-rolls come with the same high-quality cannabis we put in our jars. Our pre-rolls are 100% flower, no trim.

-Lit house