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Cindy 99 Pax Pod
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Cindy 99 Pax Pod

Legion of Bloom
  • 83% THC

Cinderella 99, is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for a dreamy, cerebral high with a light grounding effect.  Great for social events to long walks in nature, “Cindy” truly is a universal companion.

Notes of Sweet citrus with earthy overtones

Our cannabis terpene profiles all starts with specific strain selection based on desired effects. We then create a very precise formula, utilizing over 40 different full spectrum terpenes from all natural, botanically derived plant sources for each profile. By having a comprehensive bouquet of terpenes for our strain specific and therapeutic terrepen pods, we are able to maximize the desired entourage effects.

All Legion of Bloom Pods are free of Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, and MCT oil.

No additives just cannabis oil and terpenes

-Legion of Bloom

Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk