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Microwave Sea Salt Potcorn - 1:1
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Microwave Sea Salt Potcorn - 1:1

Pop-Up Potcorn
  • 5mg THC
  • 5mg CBD

Cannabis-infused microwave popcorn

Our 1:1 infused potcorn provides a balanced experience. The THC component offers a psychoactive experience while the CBD provides a balancing, calming effect.

Each bag uses Sea Salt and sustainably sourced organic palm oil to give it a lightly salted buttery flavor and contains approximately 5 mg CBD and 5 mg THC.

Pop-Up Potcorn merges the experience of fresh, hot popcorn with cannabis. Our goal at Pop-Up Potcorn is to provide a convenient and consistent savory cannabis edible with a satisfying portion size in relation to cannabis quantity using sustainable ingredients. Unlike many edibles with small portion sizes and added sugar, our low dose, single-serving microwavable mini-bags let you enjoy a complete bag of popcorn without worrying about overindulging.