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Indica MCT Oil Tincture
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Indica MCT Oil Tincture

  • 600mg THC

600mg THC per bottle
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introducing our Wonder's Nano Emulsified Insomnia THC Full Spectrum Tincture. Based on Wonder's Indica dominant , high THC tincture, and blended with Melatonin, Wonder employs their state of the art process using high powered ultrasonic liquid processors to effectively reduce the cannabinoid molecules down to Nano sized, sub micron particles. Wonder's Nano Emulsification process means you'll experience an impressive increase in overall efficacy, offering up to 5x absorption rates, greatly enhanced bio availability, rapid onset, and a predictable and consistent effect. The result is the ideal insomnia remedy! Studies show that Melatonin combined with THC is a more effective sleep aid than when taken alone. Looking for a cannabis dispensary near you with all of your tincture needs? Elemental Wellness has you covered. 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingredients: MCT Oil, Cannabis Extract 

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