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Trailblazer 35's Infused Pre-Rolls (10 Pack)
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Trailblazer 35's Infused Pre-Rolls (10 Pack)

Weight: 3.5g
  • 35% THC

Trailblazer | Infused Pre-Roll | Sativa  (10 Pack)

Lineage l 85% Goondox Rocks l 15% Live Sifted Sauce
Lowell is proud to introduce Lowell Infused 35s. Our experts blend the farm-fresh flower and high-quality concentrates together, ensuring a seamless fusion of flavors and aromas that will tantalize your senses. This translates to a richer, bolder smoke ready to take you to greater heights. Every pack of infused 35s includes 10 Tall smokes, each containing a perfect .35g of premium, whole flower blended with the live sifted sauce. Our entire manufacturing process is fully automated - Resulting in a completely redesigned pre-roll format that promises a superior roll, every time 

1) Where can I find more about this product?  Lowell Farms

2) Is there a cannabis dispensary near me that I can receive deliveries from?
Yes, Elemental Wellness Center's San Jose dispensary has a delivery service you can utilize for all of your weed delivery needs! More information regarding weed delivery can be found under the "Delivery" category on our website. The process is simple and fast to get started. 

3) What does Infused mean?
An infused joint is much like a standard joint with the addition of cannabis concentrate. The difference between these two types of joints is that instead of smoking dried flowers, you are smoking wax, hash, or another type of concentrate along with ground-up cannabis buds.

4) Why is it called a Pre-Roll?
Pre-rolls got their name because they're well, pre-rolled - filled with cannabis for easy consumption. Many consumers aren't comfortable rolling on their own. cannabis pre-rolls offer convenience that's hard to refuse.

5)  Indica vs Sativa &/or Sativa vs Indica
Sativa - A term often used in the cannabis consumer marketplace to describe a cannabis product with uplifting, cerebral, and energetic effects. 
Indica - A term often used to describe cannabis strains and products with sedating, relaxing, and strong physical effets