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Modified Grapes Live Rosin
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Modified Grapes Live Rosin

Weight: 1g
  • 72.43% THC

Modified Grapes | Indica 

Lineage | GMO x Purple Punch

As the offspring of GMO and Purple Punch, Modified Grapes is the best of both worlds. deliciously uplifting yet cool, calm, and collected. The Potent effects of this lethal combo encourage you to unwind and experience a deep sense of joy. no matter what kind of day you just had.

You May Feel: Sedated, Clear Headed, Happy
Tasting Notes: Berries, Grapes, Umami
Flavor Profile: Funky/Fruity
FAQ: 1) Where can I find more about F/ELD brand? F/ELD

2) What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin describes a class of concentrates produced without chemical solvents to naturally retain the plant's complete profile of cannabinoids terpenes and flavonoids. Typically sticky, buttery, gloopy, hard, waxy, these extracts can come in a variety of consistencies.

3) What are Terpenes? 

"Terps", short for Terpenes are a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. Terpenes are fragrant, mood-enhancing essential oils that can elevate or alter the effect experienced by THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids to create a highly tailored and efficient experience.