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When it comes to TICAL, legendary is an understatement.

TICAL was created for street intellectually inclined cannabis enthusiasts who embody music, art, fashion, sneakers, and subculture. TICAL embodies the hip-hop and cannabis culture, representing cannabis movement, lifestyle, and swagger which is characteristic of Method Man himself.

TICAL's mission and goal are to continue its legacy by offering premium flower and spreading love throughout the community. When indulging in TICAL's products, expect to experience the sensations of healing, serenity, and peace.

Method Man's extensive experience as a cannabis connoisseur, enthusiast, and advocate for law reform and criminal justice is evident in the brand's premium indoor flower. TICAL's founder noticed a lack of trust between consumers and brands, and he ensured that each batch is of unmatched quality by growing the premium indoor flower with the utmost care and attention to detail.

With over 25 years of cannabis advocacy under his belt, Method Man has maintained his relevance over the decades. TICAL isn't just any celebrity cannabis brand but one brought to you by an original godfather of the cannabis culture that we continue celebrating to this day.

  • Judgement Day

    • 31.03% THC