Cannabis Products


At Raw Garden we’ve made it our mission to develop Cannabis into a modern agricultural crop with a production model that takes advantage of decades of technological advancement in row crop farming. Doing that has required a commitment to studying all of California’s specialty crops, including; berries, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, squash, vines, citrus, nuts and flowers. It’s been a painstaking process that has yielded rewards for us and for our community.

Hidden in the Hills
Raw Garden is tucked away in the rolling hills of Santa Ynez, in Santa Barbara’s wine country. We have over 50 acres of hoop houses on our farm. As one of the largest cultivators in California, our business focuses on ensuring that our farming practices are environmentally sound.

Water conservation is a high priority. Watering at the right time of day and for the correct amount of time greatly reduces water waste. We use agricultural film (mulch) and drip irrigation to reduce our water consumption. We also prepare a blend of both dry and liquid fertilizers for each specific field ensuring that every plant gets the nutrients they require throughout their life.

We use zero herbicides and we only use OMRI listed inputs to keep our Clean Green Certification intact. Weeds are all handled the old fashioned way, with a hoe and shovel. We use beneficial insects and biologicals plus OMRI listed foliar feedings to keep our crops disease free and healthy, providing some of the best yields per acre in the industry

We’re known for exceptional cannabis.
We make products grown from our own seeds, and we use only the best Cannabis flowers as the source. Our unique harvesting process utilizes a state-of-the-art Cryogenic freezing technique to capture and lock in the whole essence of the Cannabis plant while it is still fresh and alive, before it can dry out and lose any of its natural flavors and aromas. Then we extract the Cannabis oil from the frozen plants to create our patented Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin products. And that’s what you inhale – 100% pure Cannabis oil and Cannabis terpenes – absolutely no added flavors, and no additives of any sort. Nothing artificial gets in the way of your enjoyment of Raw Garden.

Certified Clean Green™
Raw Garden has consistently put out award-winning, Clean Green certified, cannabis oils since 2015. Innovation is key, as Raw Garden has produced quality products using new technologies and plant strains. Raw Garden continues to lead the industry in innovative agricultural practices. The Clean Green Certification program is the #1 cannabis certifier recognized globally. Cannabis is not a federally recognized agricultural crop so this is the closest to organic cannabis that one can get. The program ensures that all of the cannabis used by Raw Garden is farmed and processed based on National and International organic and sustainable best practices. To meet those standards means that only organic and natural fertilizers, soil amendments and pest control methods are used on the farm, and that no artificial ingredients, flavors or thinners are ever used in the processing. Growers have to be legally compliant which involves a thorough review of their records, and extensive testing to prove the facility’s ability to protect the cannabis from contamination. The result is a brand that consumers can purchase with confidence that not only are they getting a premium product, but that their consumer dollars are supporting environmentally sound, sustainable farming practices.

Our breeding program is the heart of our business. Our in-house research team utilizes expert evaluation by PhD and MSc scientists—combining decades of academic and industry experience in plant breeding, genomics, biotechnology, integrated pest management, and data science. We use high-throughput quantitative field phenotyping, data-driven breeding decisions, and DNA-marker assisted selective breeding to capture seeds best suited to our native climate. We’ve had successful, replicated field trials of advanced generation inbred lines and F1 hybrids. Our criteria in producing strains include increased yield, decreased water usage, disease and pest resistance, pesticide and fertilizer utilization, automated harvesting, and more.

We grow our plants directly in the soil and use long-standing agricultural practices including berry-style high tunnels, tractor laid beds, fertilizers and sprays, machine learning for fertilizer optimization, and digital sensors in the field. We have multiple harvests per year without light supplementation or deprivation to bring the highest quality products to the consumer at accessible prices.

  • Lemon Juice Jones Live Resin

    • 72.57% THC
  • Beach Party Refined Live Resin Cartridge

    • 89.24% THC
  • Cherry Limeade Diamonds

    Sold out product

    Cherry Limeade Diamonds

    • 85.77% THC
  • Cherry Pie Diesel Live Diamonds

    • 86.13% THC
  • Chocolate Diesel Ready To Use Live Resin Cartridge

    Sold out product

    Chocolate Diesel "Ready To Use" Live Resin Cartridge

    • 84.44% THC
  • Hazy Daze Diamonds

    • 83.65% THC
  • Hella Jelly Live Hash Infused Pre-Rolls (3 Pack)

    • 41.80% THC
  • Hula Dancer Live Resin Cartridge

    • 83.84% THC
  • Lilikoi Pie Refined Live Resin Cartridge

    • 85.64% THC
  • Mendo Berries Live Sugar

    Sold out product

    Mendo Berries Live Sugar

    • 79.60% THC
  • Moonwalker OG "Ready To Use" Live Resin Cartridge

    • 74.9% THC
  • Orange Dreamsicle Refined Live Resin Cartridge

    • 87.18% THC
  • Pacific Passion Diamonds

    • 81.47% THC
  • Purple Fuego Refined Live Resin Cartridge

    • 85.93% THC
  • Refined Liquid Diamond Infused Gummies (20 Pack)

    • 100mg THC
  • Rose Live Resin Cartridge

    Sold out product

    Rose Live Resin Cartridge

    • 83.69% THC
  • Sleeroy "Ready To Use" Live Resin Cartridge

    • 88.14% THC
  • Sour Lights Live Resin Cartridge

    • 82.64% THC
  • Sour Stomper Live Sauce

    • 76.36% THC
  • Strawberry Cloud "Ready To Use" Live Resin Cartridge

    • 90.28% THC
  • Strawberry Lemonade Refined Live Resin Cartridge

    • 83.22% THC
  • Strawberry Lime Mojito Live Hash Infused Pre-Rolls (3 Pack)

    • 25.82% THC
  • Strawberry Lime Mojito Live Resin

    • 78.71% THC
  • Virgin Purps Live Resin Cartridge

    • 82.15% THC