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The Pure Beauty Infused Pre-rolls
Solventless, Live Rosin Ice Water Hash

Five 0.4g mini joints in our signature packaging made with:
Full indoor flower from Pure Beauty’s sustainable cultivation
Live rosin & ice water hash - both solventless concentrates


Our babies are now infused! Because frankly, can’t we always get a little higher?

We all know that smoking flower gives you a specific high, which is different from a vape high, a gummy high, etc. But there is something to love in every high. So what if you could experience them all simultaneously? This is a concept we have been obsessed with - creating the perfect infused preroll.

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen getting it exactly right. Like 2 years LOL. Ultimately, marrying our soil-grown indoor flower with first press solventless live rosin and first wash ice water hash to achieve a potent, extra smooth baby joint that will give you a clean, multi-dimensional experience. It’s like the ultimate caprese salad. 3 simple but quality ingredients in the right balance to make a magical dish.

Try it and see. You will be on the couch pondering life’s big questions: Which dimension do we live in? How big is the universe? Like for real. Also, is my dog a human trapped in a hairy four legged body?

What is “Solventless Extraction”?
“Solventless” is a term used to describe a process of separating resin-filled trichomes from the rest of the plant to create a pure full-spectrum concentrate that is true to the flower. Notable in that it is made without the use of any chemical solvents–butane, carbon dioxide (CO2) or ethanol. Solventless extractions use only cold water, mechanical agitation, gentle heat and pressure to separate the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other important compounds. I.e. there is no chemical dissolution so no trace chemicals.

What is “Live Rosin”?
Live rosin is a solventless concentrate made with whole, fresh-frozen flower and the purest solventless extraction. Flower is kept frozen to the point of extraction in order to best preserve the most valuable parts of the plant. Using only water, pressure, heat & gentle agitation, resulting in an extremely flavorful, well rounded rosin that captures the true essence of fresh flower.

What is “Ice Water Hash”?
Ice water hash is a solventless concentrate made by mixing fresh frozen flower with water and ice and gently stirring and agitating in order to separate the coveted trichomes from the rest of the plant without breaking or altering them too much. The trichome head filled water is drained and filtered to capture all the trichomes that have separated from the plant. These collected heads are freeze dried and sifted into a powder consistency.

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    CBD Pre-Roll Babies (10 Pack)

    H CBD
    • 2.65% THC
    • 14.50% CBD
  • Cereal Milk

    • 30.31% THC
  • Hash + Rosin Infused Hybrid Pre-Roll (5 Pack)

    • 42.90% THC
  • Hash + Rosin Infused Indica Pre-Roll (5 Pack)

    • 40.5% THC
  • Hash + Rosin Infused Sativa Pre-Roll (5 Pack)

    • 41.00% THC
  • Hybrid Pre-Roll Babies (10 Pack)

    • 26.60% THC
  • Indica Pre-Roll Babies (10 Pack)

    • 24.60% THC
  • Sativa Pre-Roll Babies (10 Pack)

    • 27.70% THC
  • Satsuma Sour

    • 32.30% THC