Cannabis Products


Since 1909.

In the spring of 1909, William “Bull” Lowell began growing what was called Indian Hemp on his farm on the central coast of California. Henry J. Finger took a dislike to Bull’s “marijuana being smoked by the wrong kinds of people”. Finger conspired to outlaw cannabis and later passed the 1913 Poison Act. Bull believed in a man’s right to smoke the dried plant and enjoy its benefits. When the stubborn Bull refused to stop growing his beloved plant, Finger shut down Bull’s farm and later threw him in jail.

Today our community of family farms honor the great Bull Lowell’s tradition of growing cannabis naturally and with a deep love and respect for the plant.

Grown with a deep love and respect for the plant.
Sometimes, a little extra can go a long way. That's why we sweat the smallest details, from cultivation to packaging, to ensure we're always giving you a little more. And now, when you purchase a Lowell Eighth, you get 4 grams of premium flower. Gone are the days of the 3.5g eighth, because you deserve more.

Our family of farms grows artisan craft cannabis with a deep love and respect for the plant. We use sustainable and natural materials from seed to sale.

  • Cereal Milk Bubble Hash

    • 34.27% THC
  • Dreamweaver 35's Pre-Roll (10 Pack)

    • 25.81% THC
  • Hybrid Pre-Roll (6 Pack)

    • 25.39% THC
  • Indica Pre-Roll (6 Pack)

    • 28.40% THC
  • Mind Safari 35's Pre-Roll (10 Pack)

    • 26.36% THC
  • Mind Safari Infused 35's (10 Pack)

    • 34% THC
  • Mother's Milk Bubble Hash

    • 40.10% THC
  • Sativa Pre-Roll (6 Pack)

    Sold out product

    Sativa Pre-Roll (6 Pack)

    • 26.31% THC
  • Stargazer 35's Infused Pre-Rolls (10 Pack)

    • 36% THC
  • Sunny Daze 35's Pre-Roll (10 Pack)

    • 25.67% THC
  • Trailblazer 35's Infused Pre-Rolls (10 Pack)

    • 35% THC