Cannabis Products


Founded in 2015, Good Stuff Beverage Co. offers the tastiest and best high-dose (100MG) Cannabis beverages in the California market.

Produced with great-tasting, all-natural ingredients, Good Stuff Beverages make everything better by making life tastier, healthier, and more enjoyable as an alternative to other brands' sugary cannabis-infused drinks.

We use only the best all-natural ingredients combined with high-quality cannabis. Good Stuff Beverages are Phase 3 compliance tested by a third-party lab as mandated by the state of California, testing for potency, homogeneity, pesticides, microbial, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and water activity.

Our products are exclusively sold at cannabis dispensaries throughout California, including Elemental Wellness, URBN Leaf, March & Ash, The Circle & more.

Good Stuff's refreshing, fast-acting beverages, used responsibly, are fantastic for everything from pain and anxiety relief to creativity and motivation.

What Makes Good Stuff Beverages Different?
GSBc beverages are finely crafted and richly flavored, with natural ingredients. Our terpene-infused drinks create a consistent “Sativa Energy,” “Indica Calm,” and “True Hybrid” experience. If you’re looking for a craft cannabis drink that is also exceptional in both effect and flavor, you’ve found it!

What Are “Terpenes?”
Terpenes are the botanical oils found in the cannabis plant. Terpenes make a product an “Indica,” “Hybrid,” or “Sativa.” Our use of terpenes offer the consumer a far more robust and well-rounded cannabis beverage experience. Translation – It’s a consistent and better high!

How Do You Drink The Good Stuff?
You can drink the 100mg Good Stuff Cannabis Beverage straight out of the 12oz bottle, take sips or do shots with our 2oz, as well as mix mocktails with fruit, sodas, and water.

How Do You Dose It?
12oz Full-Sized bottles – Each capful is 2mg of THC.
2oz Shots – Follow the dosage strip on the side to dose out 10mg of THC per serving.

Do You Feel Sativa And Indica Effects?
We designed our product to offer consumers a true “Sativa Energy” and “Indica Calm” experience through our proprietary terpene blends. CPO and Founder Dan Grim explored infusing terpenes into Good Stuff cannabis beverages by mixing them in just water.

According to Dan, “If I couldn’t feel the effects of the terpenes in the water, we wouldn’t have moved forward with the project. However, the effects were noticeable, and I still drink terpene-infused water as part of my morning routine today.”

Once knowing terpenes worked in water, they would work even better in a cannabinoid beverage creating an “Entourage Effect,” in which cannabinoids and terpenes are most effective when they are combined as opposed to isolated.

Does It Need To Be Refrigerated?
Good Stuff products are shelf-stable when sealed. Good Stuff Beverages will remain fresh for up to one year from the manufacture date. Once you open the product, you should keep it refrigerated and enjoy it as often as possible within the 12 months from manufacture.

What’s “Nano Fast Acting” Mean?
Nanotechnology or “Nano” refers to very, very small molecules. We borrowed this technology from the pharmaceutical industry to help enhance the Good Stuff drinks. By significantly reducing the particle size of the cannabis, GSBc drinks hit faster and are 100% homogenous.

You can expect to feel the effects within about 15 minutes, with some feeling it in under 2-3 minutes. The 100% homogeneity guarantees that you will get the same experience from top to bottom of the bottle or serving.

How Does It Taste?
We pride ourselves on making finely crafted, richly flavored, cannabis-infused beverages. The challenge with cannabis beverages is that they generally taste “chemically or weedy.” We avoid those challenges by tinkering with our formulations since 2018 and using real ingredients. As a result, Good Stuff tastes rich, natural, and fantastic!

What Is In The Good Stuff? Is It All-Natural?
GSBc makes products using a “farm to table” view, by using real honey, real lemon juice, and real fruit. Whenever possible, we use ingredients that people know and understand. We add acacia gum, which is essentially dried tree sap, to help mix the cannabis (an oil) into our water-based beverage and potassium sorbate (a salt) to preserve freshness.