Cannabis Products


Fig Farms is 100% owned by legacy growers.
Fig Farms will always be true to our roots. Dedicated to unique terpene profiles, breeding, pheno hunting and chasing the perfect flower.

Fig Farms is a well-known company in Northern California that grows some of the best weed in the state. They have won many awards for their unique and high-quality strains, and even appeared on the cover of High Times. Their packaging is cool and eye-catching, and each strain has its own distinct smell, like blue Gatorade or Red Vines. Plus, all their strains are super strong, with THC levels ranging from 29-33%. If you want to try some of the best weed around, give Fig Farms a try!

  • Lemon Cherry Gelato Pre-Roll

    • 32.54% THC
  • Lucid Blue

    • 30.80% THC
  • OG x OGKB Pre-Roll

    • 31.43% THC