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Connected is a leading vertically integrated cannabis company based in Sacramento and operating in California, Arizona, and Florida. With over 11 years of experience, Connected specializes in breeding, growing, manufacturing, and distributing top-shelf cannabis through its state-of-the-art facilities and proprietary genetics. With over 250 employees across the United States, Connected maintains a strong presence in the industry across multiple markets. The company has recently expanded into Arizona and Florida with ambitious national expansion plans underway. Connected's mission has always been to breed, grow, and sell the best cannabis in the world, setting high standards for its products, people, and partners wherever we go.

  • Rainbow Sherbert #54 Smalls

    • 27.15% THC
  • Brown Camo Battery

    Sold out product

    Brown Camo Battery

  • Electric Blue Smalls

    • 26.61% THC
  • Highrise #12

    • 30.54% THC
  • Pink and Blue Camo Battery

    Sold out product

    Pink and Blue Camo Battery

  • St. Lucia OG

    • 32.23% THC
  • St. Lucia OG Smalls

    • 28.21% THC
  • Super Dog

    • 32.81% THC