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Our Founding Story

What began as a modest dream of owning a restaurant, grew into a thriving business and internationally-renowned, life-changing gourmet infused edible brand, fuelled by a family of enthusiasts dedicated to making their mark within the rich history of cannabis. 

Our story begins in the late 90’s when our founder and his brother embarked on a culinary journey together. Passionate about exquisite cuisine and gourmet confections, the two opened a fine dining restaurant attached to a small chocolate and gelato shop in Taos, New Mexico.  

Running the restaurant by day and working tirelessly into the night making their chocolate and gelato, the restaurant business took a turn as our founder realized that something had to give. He decided it was time to double down on his true passion as a master chocolatier: gourmet chocolate. 

As the chocolate business quickly made a name for itself in New Mexico, the two brothers took their operation to the next level. The older brother began to experiment, knowing there was something missing. Inspired by his brother's homemade chocolate edible, he had the idea to merge the worlds of weed and chocolate, elevating the business and crossing over into the cannabis space.  

After countless hours in the kitchen, his 12-year-old recipe reached perfection. In 2010 he moved to California where he finally introduced Bhang – the first gourmet, infused chocolate edible – to the cannabis market. 

Over the past decade, Bhang has grown into an international operation with an award-winning portfolio of premium brands and is recognized as the #1 best-selling infused chocolate edible in North America. We’ve made It our mission to provide products that enhance everyday life through sensory experiences that complement our communities’ lifestyles, happiness, and well-being. 

Life is bhetter with Bhang. We aim to enhance the lives of our community by having something for everyone. No matter what you’re craving, our collection of cannabis products will surely satisfy.  

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We are committed to creating innovative, high-quality cannabis products that are as effective as they are enjoyable. All of our products are made with care, and each confection features our signature cannabis-free taste. 

The perfect dose to find your sweet spot. All of our premium edibles are evenly scored and meticulously tested, ensuring that each experience hits the same.

The world’s richest ingredients. From our cannabis to our cacao, we use only the finest natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced.

Bhang’s Packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Our boxes are printed using soy-based inks, and are biodegradable for a bhetter future.

We work hard, so you can live bhetter.

Bhang is committed to providing a collection of high-quality cannabis goods that has something for everyone. You can count on us to ensure that our products are made with our diverse community in mind and produced to the highest standards.

  • CBD Fried Chicken and Cola Dark Chocolate Bar

    Sold out product

    CBD Fried Chicken and Cola Dark Chocolate Bar

    • 100mg THC
    • 100mg CBD
  • CBD White Toast Chocolate Bar 1:1

    • 100mg THC
    • 100mg CBD
  • Dark Chocolate Bar

    • 100mg THC
  • Milk Chocolate Bar

    • 100mg THC