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Cali Roots/2nd Generation
Growing up in Redding, CA, you can be a firefighter—or you can grow weed. Alien Labs founder Ted Lidie chose to grow weed. A second generation farmer known for his inherent cultivation skills & expansive knowledge, Ted used his experience to launch his brainchild. Alien Labs touched down in Northern California in 2014 when Ted Lidie turned his passion for small-batch cannabis into a lifestyle brand. With a reputation for quality over quantity and other-worldly cannabis flower, Alien Labs has taken our standards into space and beyond.

The Genesis
Like most OGs, Ted got his start in the trenches: with a small, 6-light grow in his basement. He and a crew of his friends grew with similar methods. They quickly gained a reputation for producing the best medical marijuana in California. At the time, information was free-flowing: no one hid what they were growing and secrets of the trade were freely shared. In 2009, Ted created and began operating the Golden State Wellness medical marijuana collective. While running the dispensary, Ted gained a new perspective on the plant’s medicinal value by consulting with patients on a daily basis. He quickly realized the market lacked premium, quality products with real care put into them.

Why Alien Labs?
Before cannabis went commercial, the vibe in everything was an urban feel that didn’t represent Alien Labs. We were fucking nerds. We had a different product. We’ve never seen a plant look like this before. Alien Workshop is a skate brand that we used to represent all of the time. So we decided the best way to do our brand was like a street-wear company. From our small, boutique menu we keep at six strains to our seasonal clothing drops, there’s a method to our weirdness.

Inspired by the love of skate culture, connoisseur level cannabis, and all things nerd, the Alien Labs martians didn’t reinvent cannabis, but transformed the game. By not only breeding their own proprietary strains and getting them to the legal market, Alien Labs’ meteoric rise came organically: through R&D and a genuine labor of love . Since creating mind-altering strains like Area 41 & Biskantè, Alien Labs has shook the California market to its core, Alien Labs has taken its innovation to even new galaxies: vaporizers, solventless products, edibles—and their extraterrestrial merchandise. You don’t have to go to Area 51 or Mars to find this weed, but you do need a refined palate to appreciate the Alien Labs way.

  • Planet Red Pre-Roll

    • 30.85% THC
  • Space Face

    • 31% THC
  • Xeno

    • 30.66% THC
  • ZedBand

    • 30.80% THC