Cannabis Products


At 710 Labs, our mission is simple: to disrupt the industry through obsessive quality. We believe in quality over everything – quality people, quality thinking, quality expression, quality of life. We believe in open communication and genuine collaboration where everyone has a voice. We rise together as a team and as an industry.

710 Labs is an award-winning multi-state cannabis brand obsessed with making the richest flavored, organic, small batch cannabis on the planet. We are the OGs that hand select and hunt exotic cultivars from the most renowned breeders. We collaborate with artists such as Richard Prince, LSD World Peace, Astral Oracles, The Elder Statesman and Camp High among others for exclusive accessories and product drops.

Here at 710 Labs, we love good weed more than anything. That’s why we’ve put our all into producing the highest quality, cleanest, most flavorful cannabis on the market since 2010. We pride ourselves in the organically sourced inputs we feed our plants, as well as our intense care for the resin we produce. But don’t just take it from us — we let our product speak for itself.

First and foremost, we’re looking at the quality of the particular batch. Does it meet, exceed, or disappoint in flavor and effect? We’ll also take into account batch yield and cultivar demand, but like everything at 710 Labs, it all starts with terp preservation.

The best of the best. Reserved for hash that is hitting on all levels. From the grow, to harvest, to the wash, and press. And of course, those low-yielding exotics like Zkittlez or Lemon Tart Pucker. Less than 10% of our products meet our Tier 1 standards. 

High demand genetics that deliver on the cultivar’s potential. Tier 2 is all about the terps. Only our most flavorful selections will make it into this tier. 

The 710 Labs staples from our genetic library, with consistent flavor and quality. These batches are made from cultivars that we have dialed in over the years and provide a flavorful, clean smoke, but won’t have the most unique terpene profiles in our library.

We don’t always knock it out of the park, but we’ll stand by Tier 4 product as clean, quality hash. Tier 4 may not have the most robust flavor, but it will taste smooth and the effect will be potent.

  • Donny Burger Live Rosin (Tier 3)

    • 72.85% THC
  • GMO Live Rosin (Tier 3)

    • 75.93% THC
  • Grease Bucket #9 Live Rosin (Tier 3)

    • 77.93% THC
  • Rainbow Belts Live Rosin (Tier 2)

    Sold out product

    Rainbow Belts Live Rosin (Tier 2)

    • 74.06% THC
  • Sunset Cookies Full Melt (Tier 2)

    • 72.57% THC
  • Sunset Cookies Live Rosin (Tier 2)

    • 73.96% THC
  • Terp Quest #10 Persy Rosin (Tier 3)

    • 76.67% THC
  • Triangle Mints Persy Rosin (Tier 2)

    • 75.43% THC