Smell and Taste Test


The Bio-Evaluation Specialist will smell and taste the flower to ensure that the smell and flavor is pleasing and the therapeutic effect is smooth, clean, and safe for medical consumption. The specialist will grind up the flower, and either smoke it in a medical grade cone or vaporize it.

Much like the visual test, the Bio-Evaluation Specialist will judge a number of characteristics:

  • Strength and complexity of the smell; this is determined by the strength and presence of medically valuable terpenoids.
  • How the aromas of a specified strain compare to others in the same strain family. Since there are different phenotypes of the same cannabis strain, it is important to determine how each sample compares to a standard representation of that strain.
  • How smooth the smoke is - this indicates how well the cannabis was flushed and cured by the grower.
  • How full the flavor of the smoke is and how it compares to other cannabis medicine within the same strain family. The flavor also indicates how terpene rich the medicine is.
  • Duration and quality of the therapeutic effect.
  • The color of the ash; how clean it is also indicates how well the cannabis was flushed and cured.

Below is an example of a Medical Cannabis Flower Smell and Taste Inspection Report:

"The aroma is strong and complex. It smells similar to lemon pledge with earthy dank undertones. There are hints of coffee and chocolate. The complexity of the smell carries over to the taste. The smoke is extremely smooth and full of flavor. The soft light gray ash indicates the plant was fed and flushed properly. The effect is euphoric, which is great for pain relief. It is a little sedating, but the strain also makes for a great mood enhancer. This would make a great evening medicine provided it passes all lab analysis." Bio-Evaluation Specialist at Elemental Wellness Center.



The Bio-Evaluation Specialist will smell and taste the concentrates oil to ensure that the smell and flavor is pleasing and the therapeutic effect is smooth, clean, and safe for patient consumption. The Concentrates is examined using the following criteria:

  • Quality of aroma - this is an initial indicator of how well the terpenoids were suspended in the extract. The smell may also indicate that the extracts was not purged properly.
  • Quality of flavor on inhale and exhale. This indicates how well the cannabinoids and terpenoids were suspended in the final product, as well as the quality of the purging process. Some extracts are considered “throaty” or “harsh”, and may be undesirable to individuals with respiratory issues.
  • Smoothness of vaporization on the nail or vapor pen - clean vaporization is a good initial indicator that the concentrates does not contain poisonous residual solvents. However, extensive residual solvent lab analysis is required to confirm this.
  • Quality of experience and therapeutic effect - this is an initial indicator of potency, and contributes to our understanding of which ailments may be alleviated by the medicine: e.g., sleep disorders, pain, anxiety, depression, lethargy.

Below is an example of a Medical Cannabis Extract Smell and Taste Test Report:

"The Fire OG cold water extract has an earthy but citrusy kush scent to it. It tastes like a good representation of the Fire OG flower; the terpene profile seems intact. The flavor is very full and the inhale is clean. The effect is heavy on both the head and body. This is a great pain reliever, as it is euphoric and relaxing; you can almost feel your muscles loosening up after just one inhale. It is also a great mood enhancer, and may also be good for anxiety. There is more than likely limonene, pinene and other uplifting terpenoids contained within this sample.” - Bio-Evaluation Specialist at Elemental Wellness Center



To determine if a cannabis-based edible is fit for consumption, our experienced Bio-Evaluation Specialist will smell, taste, and sample the medicine to ensure that it is pleasing to the palate, and the therapeutic effect is smooth, clean, and safe for medical use. Multiple taste testers are often needed, as some edibles are better suited for patients with specific dietary restrictions (such as individuals with lactose intolerance or Crohn’s Disease) and we want to determine the effect of the edible on patients with varying metabolisms. The Bio-Evaluation Specialist will look for a number of characteristics and qualities to judge:

  • Freshness of the edible.
  • Quality of flavor and quality of culinary execution. Poorly or improperly made edibles may cause digestive problems in sensitive individuals.
  • Type of therapeutic effect. This is judged carefully, as some edibles are made with a specific strain or blend of strains that provide either a sedative or energizing effect.
  • Many edibles are now being made with a blend of CBD and THC, so we also taken into consideration how psychoactive the effect is.
  • Duration of the medical effect.

Below is an example of a Cannabis Infused Edible Smell and Taste Test Inspection Report:

"The chocolate chunk cookies are expertly made. There is a slight cannabis flavor, but it is masked well by the chocolate and sugary flavor profile of the cookie. A single cookie is listed as containing 75 mg of THC, and I have consumed half of it. The effect came on about 45 minutes after eating half of the cookie. The effect is relaxing and soothing. It is a little dysphoric, but I can imagine this being an excellent medicine to take in the evening. This might help someone who has trouble sleeping. The effect lasted roughly 6 hours." - Bio Evaluation Specialist at Elemental Wellness



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