Indoor, Outdoor, Or Greenhouse

There are two ways to cultivate cannabis in this day and age: Indoors and Outdoors. Depending on who you talk to, you will hear conflicting information as to which is best. Since so many theories and opinions abound, we advise you to grow in the environment that works best for you, and is most available. With that said, let’s take a look at the big debate; outdoor vs indoor cannabis. The best way to compare the two is to compare the benefits and deficits of each.



Outdoor growing is the most common way to grow cannabis. Humans have been cultivating this wonderful plant for centuries using just sun and soil. You can expect huge yields, and great tasting flowers if you care for your plants, and if the environmental conditions are optimal.


  • Free Light


  • Sticky plants attract pollutants, including pollen, bugs, carbon monoxide, etc.
  • Only 1 harvest per year
  • Can’t control climate such as rain or snow
  • In comparison to high pressure sodium lights found in indoor grows, outdoor cannabis has more leaf to bud ratio. (Spectrum of the sun has more blue which promotes leaf growth)
  • Visible to your neighbors and other prying eyes
  • Will smell up the neighborhood



Indoor growing involves a bit more work and equipment than your typical outdoor grow, but cultivating cannabis indoors allows for complete environmental and feeding control. Many intermediate and master growers have specialized indoor grows that allow them to produce up to 6 crops a year! With the amount of control one has, and with how many times you can cultivate within a year, indoor growing is ideal, and should be learned by both new and experienced farmers.


  • You have complete control over your plants, including lighting and climate
  • High pressure sodium lights are designed to give the plant a spectrum of light specifically designed to enhance budding (More bud to leaf ratio) which results in a better looking and higher quality bud.
  • Up to 6 harvests a year
  • Bugs and spores can be prevented from entering your grow room
  • Odor control (Carbon scrubbers can get rid of smells)


  • Electricity costs
  • Learning curve is high. A lot can go wrong very quickly. Indoor growing can be difficult for beginners
  • Lots of equipment to buy
  • Fire hazards from low quality equipment/electric work


Green House

Some growers will argue that Green Houses are the ultimate way to grow! Combining the environmental control that indoor growing provides with the power of the sun, you can expect huge, great tasting buds that are clean and unweathered!


  • You have a lot of control over your green house. Some greenhouses come equipped with light deprivation covers which will mimic the 12/12 flowering cycle, as well as the 18/6 veg cycle. This allows a grower to have up to 6 harvests a year when properly set up.
  • Free light
  • Bugs and spores can be prevented from entering your grow area


  • As with outdoor growing, the sun’s light spectrum will promote more leaf to bud ratio resulting in a leafy bud.
  • Lots of equipment to buy
  • Neighbors can see your plants, hence there is the added danger of robbery.