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Prop 64 FAQ
Who can purchase cannabis?
Anyone 21 years of age older can enter licensed retail stores and purchase product. You must have a valid form of identification issued by a government agency including an ID, driver’s license, military ID, or passport.

How much can I buy?
Recreational members can purchase up to 28 grams of flower and 8 grams THC combined of concentrates, cartridges, topicals and edibles, at a single store in a single day. You may also purchase up to 6 plants. Medical patients do not have limits on cannabis products but are limited to 8 ounces of flower a day.

What kinds or products will be available for purchase?
Beginning January 1st, manufacturers are being required to limit the amount of THC in cannabis products such as edibles, tinctures, capsules and topicals. You can read more about the limits here. There is a transitional period until July 1st that allows for the existing stock of available edibles to be sold and depleted so please be sure to check our website to see what products are currently available.

How much will I pay for cannabis?
As of January 1st all cannabis sales are subject to what is called the Cannabis Excise Tax (15%) based on the average market price of the product . The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration is clear in their language indicating that recreational customers, valid medical cannabis recommendation holders, and MMIC participants are all subject to the Excise Tax. The only tax break currently available is the Medical Marijuana Identification Program which will continue to exempt state card holders from the 9.25% state sales tax. Also, here in San Jose we are currently required to pay the 10% Marijuana Business Tax per a local city ordinance and will continue to be required to pay this tax.

Where can I safely consume?
Public consumption is prohibited in the same areas as tobacco and in any area that would create a safety hazard, including the passenger seat of a car.