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Hibiscus Lozenge
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Hibiscus Lozenge

  • 5mg THC

5mg THC | Hybrid
__________________________________________________________ Dollar Dose is a manufacturer and distributor of excellent cannabis goods at affordable prices. We strive to help along as many people as possible on their journey toward achieving a "higher" quality of living without breaking the bank. Our lozenges are manufactured in Santa Cruz, California, using high quality cannabis paired with delicious flavors. Whether you desire cannabis for health management, mood adjustment, recreation, or slowing down and finding a greater balance: For the people, by the people.
Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors, Cannabis Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, Red 40
1) Where can I find more about this product? Dollar Dose

2) How long does an edible last?
The duration of an edible can vary depending on multiple factors including tolerance, having an empty stomach, and much more. It is often times recommended to start with one or half of one dose and wait two hours for the full effects to gauge your own tolerance. 

3) Is there a cannabis dispensary near me that I can receive deliveries from?
Yes, Elemental Wellness Center's San Jose dispensary has a delivery service you can utilize for all of your weed delivery needs! More information regarding weed delivery can be found under the "Delivery" category on our website. The process is simple and fast to get started. 

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