Ladies and Gentlemen (and all those in-between), due to overwhelming popular demand (from two people), I have been asked to start a blog about medical cannabis for Elemental Wellness Center. This will be a series of at least 24 episodes designed to inform and influence you on how we (should) deal with medical cannabis, especially with the onslaught of “Adult Use” in California just around the corner. What is going on in the medical cannabis world and what will probably happen to it?
Of course, many of you will ask, “Who is this guy, Dr. Benson? Where does he get off talking about medical cannabis? Why should we listen to him?” Well, for those of you familiar with EWC, I am the guy who wrote the EWC educational tool, Understanding Medical Cannabis (with its famous charts) and developed the rigorous EWC testing protocols that EWC follows to ensure purity and safety of everything that EWC has to offer its members. I have also been the Chief Science Officer for the collective and sit on the Board of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. For the past five years I have been reading everything on medical cannabis that I can get my hands on. Our website library list is now more than 50 pages of hyperlinked titles that bring (to anyone interested) the latest medical literature on this fascinating subject. (And I still have at home a foot-high stack of articles to read and add to the list!) I established EWC’s private consultation service and along with Danny and Lauren, developed a training program for our great consultants. Oh yeah, by the way, I am also a physician.
Some of things I will be writing about are why we have to change our vocabulary when discussing medical cannabis, what are the latest research discoveries and applications of medical cannabis, how the medical community is adjusting to cannabis (once again) being accepted as a legal medicine, how we should be aware of what pharmaceutical companies and businesses are trying to do with medical cannabis, how medical cannabis will change as adult use comes online, and anything thing else I think you might need to know.
So this is my short intro. Next episode we will start to get into the nitty-gritty of medical cannabis from the perspective of “Dr. Benson’s Cannabis Corner.” In the meantime, stay cool.
Dr. B.