We’ve added several new products to the menu recently that have our members talking!


First, from Clarified Confections, comes the new Lemon Sugar Cookie packed with 40mg of THC! At only $5 each, this organic, whole-plant treat is a fabulous addition to Clarified’s already-prominent line of edibles available at Elemental! You can browse their entire selection here.


We’re also happy to add FIVE new varieties of Clutch Carts to the menu, providing members with eight options total! Enjoy sativa (Headband, Durban Poison, Tangie, OG Kush), indica (Sunset Sherbet, Blue Cheese), or CBD (2:1 Sativa or Indica) selections to best fit your medical needs. Check out Clutch Carts on our online menu.


Lastly, the long-awaited return of Gold Carts is finally upon us! We currently have ALL FIVE varieties of these tasty, full-gram cartridges in stock (7/13/2017) at the new, low price of just $54/each! You can browse Gold Carts here.


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