This month’s featured provider is  creators of the wildly popular  (100mg per bottle, $14 each at Elemental Wellness) that’s been flying off the shelves since we introduced it last year!  Habit has managed to create a significant buzz in their brief existence--they were founded in Southern California in late 2016, the result of “good vibes and good times.” Over the past half year, they’ve spread their meds up and down the coast--as far north as Mount Shasta and south to Chula Vista (though Elemental remains among the only South Bay collectives to offer products). They also boast several awards from some of the top competitions in the nation including High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice, and Happy Place. Habit’s renowned “Sparklers” offer quick-acting relief for patients seeking immediate effects, but wanting to stay away from smoking and/or vaporizing. Per Habit, “These highly carbonated sparkling fruit drinks are handcrafted in small batches and infused with our solvent free cannabis distillate derived from organic cannabis. The high level of carbonation in our beverages greatly accelerates the movement of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, offering reported onset times up to 4x faster than solid edibles. Patients choose Habit for a clean, clear and extremely effective experience every time. Additionally, Habit contains real fruit with no fructose corn syrup added, providing patients with a tasty, refreshing beverage that will help put your mind and stomach at ease! And with indicators on the label to show approximately how many milligrams you’ve consumed/poured, dosing has never been easier. Individual dosages will vary per patient, dependent on  Elemental recommends 10mg for those who are new to edibles. Examine our six unique varieties of Habit on our website, or ask your consultant to check them out on your next visit. Be well, and hope to see you soon!