After weeks of construction and planning, we’re happy to announce that our newly remodeled nursery is operative, just in time for grow season! The South Bay’s top nursery is now even better, offering a modern, glass-encased space specifically for growers, complete with a tightly controlled environment to keep our plants at the optimum stage of growth.

“The nursery is sealed off--we’re now able to keep a completely controlled, sterile environment,” said Theo M., Director of Retail Operations. “We control the temperature, humidity, and airflow; basically all the variables that keep plants healthy.”

Providing a robust variety of teens and clones, our ever-rotating selection is sure to offer something that piques your interest. We routinely stock many of California’s most renowned providers, including Dark Heart, Midnight Farms, Purple City Genetics, and others! All teens and clones are still kept under 24-hour light, preventing vegetation, and creating an easier transition to soil.

Looking for seeds, too? EWC has you covered. Browse our wide variety of choice genetics from the likes of Elemental Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, TGA Genetics, Cali Connection, etc.; you can even pre-order to reserve your selection!

“I would definitely encourage patients to stay updated with new arrivals, because stock can go quickly, particularly once grow season begins,” advises Theo.

Members can now find an array of gardening accessories as well, including soil, nutrients, trimmers, pH testers, pH control kits, and more! Not to mention personalized advice from our knowledgeable grow consultants; everything to ensure that 2017 brings you a bountiful harvest!

“I’d say the most common mistake for new growers is not understanding a plant’s life cycle,” said Theo. “The lighting and nutrients needed at distinct phases of growth, it can be a hard concept for first-timers to understand.”

You can find the new EWC nursery on the east side of the showroom, directly next to the pre-order entrance; be sure to stop in on your next visit!

Also, check out Ag-Gen, the preferred growing partner of Elemental Wellness! Mention Elemental at Ag-Gen, and get 15% off your order!