Have you taken a peek at our ‘Glass & Accessories’ selection lately? If not, now’s the perfect time to check it out, as we’ve recently revamped our stock with an impressive new collection of glass, grinders, papers, and much, much more!

We’re happy to now offer a plethora of products from RAW Papers, the esteemed creators of “the best rolling papers in the world.” In addition to several varieties of their world-renowned rolling papers, members can now donate for rolling trays, rolling mats, adjustable joint rollers, and more! Everything you need to have a truly “rawthentic” medicating experience!


Looking for other choices? We now stock rolling papers and tips from the likes of Zig Zag, Elements, and DLX too!

Zig Zag has secured its reputation as an industry powerhouse with over 130 years of unmatched reliability, and now you can find their 1 ¼” Ultra Thin papers at EWC! Elements Papers, while newer on the scene, have revolutionized the industry in their short existence with their “magnetic closure” packaging, designed to keep your cover closed, and your papers firm and unwrinkled! And finally, check out our DLX tips and rolling papers, offering “very thin, cross-woven papers that create a slow and even burning pattern to your smoke.”

We have you covered in the grinder department as well, as we're now offering some of the most desired names on the market in the Santa Cruz Shredder and Space Case!

The Shredder is now available in several different sizes for various quantities of flower, while offering a “knurled” grip that is preferred by patients for its ease of use (ideal for those suffering from arthritis). The Shredder strives for perfection, utilizing advanced engineering to optimally arrange its sharp-edged teeth to most efficiently utilize your flower! Space Case offers a compact solution to your preparatory needs as well, providing functional grinders that have been “anodized for increased strength!” Made using titanium and “American-milled aircraft grade aluminum,” the Space Case is a superb addition to any patient’s kit!

Lastly, we’ve also rolled out an impressive assortment of storage options, great for short- or long-term holding needs!

First, from CVault, comes the revolutionary new storage method that utilizes an “air-tight container with a 62% Humidipack to create the perfect environment for your product”; guaranteed to keep your flower fresh and potent! The 'Time Capsule' is another great choice for long-term storage, offering a waterproof and NASA-inspired protector for your meds! Be sure to ask your consultant about other new options such as our child-proof Lockz Jars and RAW lockable vault on your next visit!

The ‘Glass and Accessories’ kiosk is located at the northwest end of the showroom, next to the non-medicated snacks and refreshments. Hope to see you in soon!