It can be difficult to track down a 100% indica strain in today’s hybrid-driven market, but the formidable Pure Kush may be as close as patients can get. Considered by some to indeed be “full indica,” even its skeptics place it around 85 percent indica on the lower end. Generally reserved for veteran patients, Pure’s heavily relaxing and sedating effects can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners.

Though there are mentions of Pure Kush and its various cuts (LA Pure Kush, Suge Pure Kush, etc.) as far back as the 1990s, the prevalent version available today is thought to have been introduced sometime around 2011. The strain offers precious landrace genetics that are said to have sprouted from the Hindu Kush region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. As expected with top Kush varieties, Pure has a penchant for winning awards, taking home 3rd place in the ‘Best Coffeeshop Strain’ category at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Providing rich, rustic red hairs woven within its refined dark green buds, Pure certainly looks the part of high-quality medication. Add in the prominent collection of trichomes coating its exterior, and it's easy to see why so many patients are reaching to smell the jar for this strain. Its hard, dense nugs sound like rocks when swirled around in its container; a grinder is definitely recommended to most effectively break down this flower.

The aroma of Pure isn’t overpowering, but aficionados will appreciate the subtle earthy and woody notes detectable upon further examination. Its scent is reminiscent of other classic Kush strains such as Hindu Kush and Bubba Kush, but also offers a discernable ‘freshness’ that distinguishes it from others. This unique fragrance is the result of Pure’s most common terpenes: linalool and humulene.

Linalool is a sweet-smelling terpene known for its high concentration in lavender and Grand Daddy Purple. It’s lauded for its therapeutic properties, and has shown efficacy as a calmative, pain reliever, and antipsychotic. Humulene is acknowledged for its presence in hops, and provides patients with a notable woody aroma. It’s thought to help manage pain and possesses both “topical and systemic anti-inflammatory properties.”


Upon smoking our flower, its effects were immediately palpable: an intense, sunken-into-the-couch feeling of relaxation, coupled with a pleasant cerebral buzz. Pure’s THC content tends to hover in the low 20s, allowing patients to comfortably ease into sleep without causing much hyperactivity of the mind. The effects sustained for quite a while; we settled into our environment and enjoyed several episodes of House of Cards before effects began to diminish. Once they did, we were left with an immense feeling of hunger (Pro Tip: prepare snacks prior to medicating) which we quickly satiated before heading to bed.

Overall, Pure Kush is a powerhouse of a strain that delivered on all promises it made on paper. Whether it be presentation or functionality, we found this strain to be impressive all around, and definitely worthy of a second try. Patients battling chronic pain and/or insomnia will be hard-pressed to find a better option to suit their needs.

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