We’re happy to add yet another high-quality cartridge option to our menu in Eel River Organcis' line of Nectar carts! These premium meds are sourced entirely from single-strain cannabis, with no additives, leaving only cannabinoid-packed oil for your vaping pleasure!


Per Eel River’s website: “Our farm is nestled on a rare stretch of flats along the historic Eel River in Humboldt County, the largest marijuana 'grow area' in California, where the coastal climate has nourished the growth of the great coastal redwood forests for thousands of years, and produced premium cannabis for generations. We are real, genuine farmers, inseparable from the dirt in which we toil. We employ organic, biodynamic, and ancient dry farming methods to produce a natural outdoor product whose potency will challenge any previously held indoor bias.”


The Nectar collection from ERO is composed of only the finest nug-run concentrate curated from organic, dry-farmed cannabis. We’re pleased to now offer four unique varieties, including an ultra-therapeutic, high-CBD option that’s great for patients suffering from anxiety and/or depression. Grab a Starter Kit, complete with a half-gram cartridge, USB charger, and battery (350 MaH, rechargeable, air flow sensor activation) for just $58 on select strains!


Be sure to ask your consultant about Eel River Organics on your next visit!