Here at Elemental, we’re happy to provide our members with a vast, ever-changing selection of quality products! We’re always seeking more, compassionate providers, and we’re now offering several new products you may have overlooked in the midst of our scads of holiday and New Year’s sales! Here’s a quick overview of our most recent additions:


First, multi-function vaporizers make a strong showing as both the Firefly 2 and PAX 3 have joined the menu!


Firefly 2 superbly vaporizes both flower and concentrate; its extreme ease of use make it an ideal selection for patients in the market for their first portable vaporizer. FF2 offers a futuristic, stylish design, that comes complete with the works (charging dock, cleaning kit, concentrate pads, extra battery, etc.), minimizing additional purchases. As Social Underground posited, “If James Bond had a vaporizer, this would be it.” You can view instructional videos on the FF2 here. Ask your consultant for a demonstration on your next visit!


The PAX 3 is the long awaited follow-up to the wildly successful PAX 2. Also capable of handling both extract and flower, this sleek product was labeled a “substantial upgrade [to PAX 2]” by Uncrate and “the best vaporizer to buy now” buy Men’s Journal. Also providing several accessories and a generous 10-year warranty, it’s hard to find much to complain about with the PAX 3. Whatever vape you may have your eyes on, you can’t go wrong at Elemental!  


Additionally, we’re happy to add more varieties of already-beloved meds to our selection in the new Sparkling Raspberry Habit drink and Hybrid Watermelon Green Hornet gummies! Sparkling Raspberry provides a seventh option to our popular line of Habit drinks, and new 100mg Green Hornets add a high-potency option in the gummy department. Be sure to stop in and check ‘em out!