At Elemental, we’re constantly brainstorming unique ways to improve member experience, and thus, are happy to share several new improvements we plan to implement in the near future:

First, beginning Monday, October 17th, comes the much-anticipated elimination of waiting in line at Elemental! That’s right: with our new queue management technology, members will no longer be required to stand in line while awaiting consultation. Patients simply check-in with our Member Services team, and grab a ‘buzzer’; it will vibrate when your consultant is ready to see you!

"We're excited to create a more efficient experience for members," said General Manager Steve Peterson. "It shows that Elemental is a leader in the industry in adopting new technology."

In the meantime, relax and take a glance at our abundant educational literature--we have various prints available examining cannabinoids, terpenes, etc., and look forward to adding even more in the future.

Patients will be placed into a digital queue in order of arrival; initially, there will be four separate queues:

  • Regular Consults

  • Private Consults

  • Pre-Order Pickups

  • Classes & Services

We’ll be initiating a series of trial runs with our new queue technology in the following weeks to ensure both patients and consultants are acclimated by our official launch date of October 17th! Please be patient with us as we’re adjusting to our new technology--it will eventually drastically increase efficiency! All protocol is HIPAA compliant; all personal information will remain secure.

Additionally, effective immediately, we’re excited to introduce the Elemental Price Match Guarantee! We’re prepared to match any competitor's price (licensed collectives within 50 miles, no delivery services, and no sale prices) on all branded medicine!

"We recognize members are always price-conscious, as are we," said Peterson. "We want to provide assurance we're doing our best to provide great value every visit."

KIVA chocolates are cheaper at another collective!? Not anymore! Simply present proof of a lower advertised price within the past 90 days and we’ll equal it! We’re already known for our premier medicine quality; now add unbeatable prices as yet another reason why Elemental is touted as the South Bay’s top collective.

Lastly, we’re rolling out our new ‘Grab & Go’ food selection on Wednesday, October 5th. Stocked with various cuisine including sandwiches (vegetarian options included), salads, and snack mixes, members can now snag medicine and food in a single visit. With this addition, we hope to accommodate members stopping by on their lunch break, or those simply looking for a quick, nutritious bite to eat! Keep an eye out for it in the northeast corner of the building, next to the pre-order and merchandise area.

We hope you enjoy these additions aimed at optimizing patient experience; stay tuned for more improvements as we move forward at our new location!

Be well!