Demand for vaporizer cartridges has increased rapidly over the past year, and we’re constantly seeking out new, quality options to accommodate our members’ needs. Just in the past few months we’ve added several new carts from the likes of JuJu Joints, Kurvana, and Absolute Xtracts.

Now, we're ecstatic to add another TWO vaporizer options to our menu: hmbldt Dose Pens and Legion of Bloom cartridges!

From provider hmbldt, we’re excited to add four new options: hmbldt Bliss, hmbldt Calm, hmbldt Relief, and hmbldt Sleep. Available beginning September 10th, these formulated blends of various terpenes and cannabinoids are targeted at providing users with specific desired effects. It’s lauded for precision dosing, which is achieved by “optimizing temperature control, controlling air flow and time control.”

This all-in-one pen is recyclable (find the hmbldt recycling bin in-store at Elemental), and contains approximately 200 doses per unit. Great for those seeking maximum value and minimum hassle.

Patients seeking an uplifting, mood-enhancing medicine are encouraged to ask about the hmbldt Bliss. Boasting elevated levels of THC, limonene, and terpinolene, this mix is produced to help patients “feel just the right amount of good.” Ideal for those needing to maintain high functionality throughout the day; no lethargy.

hmbldt Calm tends to relax patients prone to anxiety and insomnia. It offers a significant amount of terpinolene and CBD, both of which are touted for their calming, anxiolytic effects. Ample THC creates a desirable balance between euphoric and therapeutic.

Dealing with pain and/or inflammation? Try the hmbldt Relief pen. Delivering the largest amount of CBD of the four new varieties, this blend is great for both internal and external healing. Notable levels of myrcene clear the way for cannabinoids to pass through the blood-brain barrier with ease, providing patients with palpable, prompt effects.

Lastly, the hmbldt Sleep has received wonderful feedback from patients with sleep issues. Offering a cannabinoid profile similar to that of the hmbldt Calm, a higher myrcene content is aimed specifically at “helping you fall and stay asleep, naturally.” Try a couple puffs before bed to help with restlessness.

hmbldt will join us on Thursday, September 29th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and Friday, October 14th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. to showcase its new products. Hope to see you there!

The slew of additions continues with the introduction of Legion of Bloom! Beginning Friday, September 16th, look for five new varieties of their highly lauded “Monarch” premium carts: Cherry AK, Exodus Cheese, Island Sweet Skunk, J-1, and Lemon Tree.


These premium vaporizers offer a “solvent-free, glycol-free, CO2 extract blended with a single source all natural cannabis derived terpenes.” Pulling all terpenes and cannabinoids from a single source allows the extract to remain true to its original genetics, while more accurately pinpointing desired effects.


L.O.B. has embraced new “wick-less” technology, offering a glass and metal cart equipped with a dual-coil system.  In addition to precisely refined terpene profiles, the Monarchs are no slouch in the THC department. Generally providing 75 to 80 percent THC per cartridge, even high tolerance patients are sure to find the new carts satisfactory. Offering a standard 510 threading, the Monarchs will easily attach to most cartridge batteries on the market.


We're proud to add these quality providers to our ever-growing selection of vaporizers and cartridges; ask a consultant to check them out today!


Be well!