At Elemental, we’re constantly seeking new, unique ways to meet the needs of our constantly growing member base. Thus, we’re pleased to introduce our new Dab Society Glass & Accessories Station, fully stocked with a healthy selection of pipes, dab rigs, and dab utensils! You can now grab all your medicating necessities in a quick, one-stop visit to the Center!

For our members that prefer medicating with flower, our spoon and/or water pipes are sure to impress! Starting at just $20, these aesthetically pleasing, functional pieces are the perfect complement to a tasty nug of The True OG! With plenty of options for any budget, patients are sure to find a choice that suits their needs at our new glass station!

Favor rolling over packing a bowl? No problem. Various sizes of RAW rolling papers are available for two dollars or less! RAW is nature’s choice for rolling material, containing  a “hybrid blend of unbleached--not chlorine-whitened--fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color. So thin that you can see through it.” Pick up a pack today!

Patients who are partial to extracts will enjoy our selection of dab rigs, dab utensils, and quartz/titanium nails. Dab rigs are offered in various sizes, aimed to fit the various lifestyles of our diverse patients; big or small, short or tall, concentrate aficionados are sure to find an attractive option. Also, choose between our assorted titanium and quartz nails; if you’re not versed on the differences between the differences between types of nails, you can read our past blog on it right here.

Additional accessories such as dab tools, torches, and pendants are available as well.


Be sure to take a second to glance at our Glass & Accessories Station--located on the north end of the showroom, just before the nursery--on your next visit. As always, direct any question toward our wonderful consulting staff behind the counter!

Be well, and hope to see you soon!