This week in The Buzz class, I gave out Medical Cannabis Balm by Pure Company, and chose a class participant to review it. Here is the review.

Pure Medical Cannabis Balm

Visually the balm appeared like any commonly available balm, but maybe slightly drier. The color was olive greenish slightly on the yellow side. It definitely appeared more appealing than some other topical products I've used.


The ingredients specified cloves, cinnamon, camphor, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils, all of which not only have strong aromatic essential oils but also have proven medicinal properties. A balm with these ingredients was perceived as a positive. Their odors helped camouflage the cannabis odor which is one of the dominant odors, which may allow certain users to use this publicly without being concerned. Certainly a positive!


Even though it isn't an edible, the odor reminded me of pumpkin pie!


The product label had the net wt. of the cannabis used. It didn't have any information about the type of cannabis used. It would have been helpful to know the strain, and most importantly the THC/CBD and values of other active ingredients! For a new user, it would be difficult to identify the dosage.

Why did you consume this cannabis? Specific ailments?

I used it for lower back pain and knee pain, over a knee which was previously injured.


What were the desired effects?

I desired pain relief, and expected the balm to affect in about 15 min. - 30 min. as other topical products would.

Were the desired effects achieved?

Yes, the pain relief was moderate. The balm appears to be slightly less concentrated than other products I've used.

When did you consume cannabis?

I applied the product twice. Once 2 hours before sleeping, and the next time was after breakfast in the morning. 

How would you improve this product?

The product has a few areas of improvements that I see:

    a.       Specifying THC/CBD/active cannabis ingredients - Helps identify dosage
    b.      Reduce the viscosity - Was too hard/thick/solidified (wasn't due to cold weather)
    c.       Increasing the concentration of active cannabis ingredients
    d.      No mention of "indication" (purpose of usage?)
    e.      The package should say “External Use Only”
    f.       No contact details. Someone may find it amazing, but may not know where to find it!
    g.      No expiration details