One of the most trusted cannabis drink providers across the nation, we've proudly stocked our shelves with Dixie Elixirs for several months now. We're excited to expand our Dixie selection even further to offer three new mouth-watering flavors (Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Sarsaparilla) from its popular Sparkling Elixir line. 


These 90mg THC mixes are perfect for patients requiring fast-acting relief; many claim to feel its effects in as little as 30 minutes--traditional edibles can sometimes require up to two hours. Dixie also claims to be the "only high-dose, carbonated beverage on the cannabis market"; carbonation has been known to enhance certain effects of THC.


To assist in managing those effects, all Dixie Elixirs are equipped with a "custom dosing lid" as well, enabling patients to accurately measure out five to 10mg doses. This can be especially helpful for those with low toleration for THC--there's no room for error in guessing, and consuming the correct dose is paramount for achieving desired results.


To help welcome these sparkling new additions to our menu, we're offering a buy one, get one half off special on 90mg Dixie Elixirs for the entirety of August. Additionally, Dixie will be at Elemental on Saturday, August 6th from 1-4 p.m., so be sure to stop in to get a closer look at their awesome medicine!


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