We’re pleased to add two new options to our Alta Botanical tinctures collection beginning July 31st: Insomnia Relief and Pain Relief Plus. These therapeutic mixes of various botanicals, neutral grape spirits, and cannabis are created with the medical patient in mind, offering notable levels of several cannabinoids other than THC. Alta is determined to create tinctures that will fulfill the needs of any patient; here’s an overview of the hearty selection available to Elemental members:

Spasm Relief Tincture: This mildly psychoactive mix is sourced from a blend of whole-plant, CBD-rich flower, usually hovering around a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. Spasm Relief is recommended for patients dealing with seizures or seeking relief from chronic pain, while keeping psychoactivity at bay. Though not as prevalent, smaller amounts of THCA and CBN also help to strengthen the entourage effect.

Stress Relief Tincture: A high-THC tincture, Stress Relief is regarded an effective appetite stimulant and creativity enhancer. THC is known to interact positively with the central nervous system--this causes the brain to release dopamine, creating a euphoric, pleasurable experience for those who tolerate THC well. Trace levels of CBD and CBN provide a welcomed balance to the elixir.

Anxiety Relief Tincture: Containing no THC whatsoever, Anxiety Relief is ideal for patients dealing with pain and anxiety, but who have low tolerances for THC. Those suffering from endocannabinoid imbalances such as over-eating, PTSD, or seizures will find the most benefit from this tincture. It can assist with feelings of anxiety by decreasing mental activity; many even claim it’s psycho-DEactivating, and can help to neutralize patients who consume too much THC.

Internal Pain Relief: This high-THCA tincture is virtually non-psychoactive, and possesses significant anti-inflamatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Proven by several studies to be as effective as CBD in treating endocannabinoid imbalances, THCA can enhance the overall well-being of patients. Also boasting notable levels of CBD, this therapeutic mix is ideal for patients battling chronic pain who must maintain high levels of functionality throughout the day.

Insomnia Relief: Combining high levels of both CBN and THC, the Insomnia Relief tincture helps improve the quality of patients’ sleep in a natural manner, while also helping with pain management. Additionally, Alta tells us, “by combining even ratios of THC and CBN with smaller amounts of THCA and CBD, our Insomnia Relief Tincture allows users to attain a full, undisturbed sleep, in part by mitigating sleep apnea and other causes of nighttime tenseness.” Sounds great to us!

Pain Relief Plus: Perfect for patients looking to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, Pain Relief Plus is a functional, non-psychoactive remedy for those constantly on the go. It’s composed strictly of cold-extracted CBDa, which is present in raw cannabis, and not psychoactive unless heated. It’s known to offer antibacterial, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-proliferative properties, thus proving quite versatile in how it can aid patients.

If Alta Botanical tinctures sound like they may offer relief for your condition, don’t hesitate to ask any of our knowledgeable consultants on your next visit. Stop in on Sunday, July 31st, as all Alta tinctures (including our two new additions) are buy one, get one free! Hope to see you then.

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