We’re pleased to welcomeKurvana to the Elemental family as our newest oil cartridge provider! One of the premier carts available on the market today, Kurvana offers a variety of California-grown strains, whose oils are separated from the plant using whole plant extraction and CO2.


Its “Originals” line uses only cannabis sourced from strain-specific raw material, providing flavor-packed medicine that remains true to strains' original terpene profiles. Keep an eye out for strains such as Master OG, Grapefruit Kush, and Jack Herer available in 500mg carts.


Select products from Kurvana’s “Infusions” set are also now available for donation. The infusions are mixes of various strains that are “combined with a wide spectrum of botanicals for intriguing results.” Offered in Passion Fruit, Sunset Tea, or high-CBD Banana Smoothie, also 500mg


Stop in and grab a Kurvana cartridge during our 710 event, and receive a complimentary gift box (battery and sample cart) with your donation! Don't miss out!


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