The True OG Live Resin, a collaboration between Dabblicious and Elemental Seeds, took home the silver medal in the ‘Indica Concentrates’ category this past weekend at the 2016 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup. We were lucky enough to grab a sample and test out this top-shelf extract.


Before even cracking the container, The True, as its fondly referred to by enthusiasts, already boasts the aesthetics of an exceptional concentrate; its rich golden hue and desirable malleability are sure to catch the eye of any extract aficionado. Upon twisting off the lid, one is immediately met with the punchy, unmistakable aroma of The True OG—it’s a flower that normally translates superbly to concentrate, and this cup's winning live resin may be the crown jewel of OG extracts.


Placing the extract onto the dab tool was a pleasantly effortless process—chunks fell apart when minimal pressure was applied, providing soft, damp doses that were easily handled. We heated the quartz nail to a low temperature in order to preserve the flavor of this award-winner, and gently touched our extract to its surface.


The flavor followed through on what the aroma promised—a classic piney undertone with the strain’s refined hint of Chem. OG connoisseurs with sensitive palettes will surely find this medicine lives up to the hype it’s garnered. The effects are swift: The True’s trademark full-body relaxation coupled with a stoney-behind-the-eyes sensation provide an overall feeling of bliss and content. Its noteworthy 78 percent THC content is no joke; this medicine is recommended for high-tolerance patients. The effects sustain themselves for a good amount of time--even two hours after consumption, the aura of the True had waned only slightly.


Overall, we have to agree with the judges; we found this medicine to be among the best we’ve had the pleasure of sampling. The entire experience, from the way it handled, to consumption, was incredible, even with our sky-high expectations. Flavor pundits and patients suffering from pain will surely find the same.


Soon to be available at Elemental Wellness!