Hey, San Jose! Did you know there’s an important initiative for the cannabis industry on the ballot for June 7th?

According to Ballotpedia.org, Measure C, or City of San Jose Medical Marijuana Regulation Act, proposes ”removing several current location restrictions for collectives, including 150 feet from residential uses; 150 feet from religious assemblies; 500 feet from substance abuse rehabilitation centers; 1000 feet from preschools; 1,000 feet from child daycare centers; and 1.,000 feet from libraries. It would also remove the 1,000 foot buffer from parks, although it would maintain a.1000 foot buffer from any playground.” Additionally, the Act would reduce fines on collectives violating city law from $2,500 to $50,000 down to just $100.

The San Jose Mercury recently released an editorial condemning the Act earlier in the week, saying “It’s easy, just say No.” The publication notes the proposed proximity to neighborhoods is worrisome and not in the best interest of the community. They also acknowledge the proposal would essentially nullify the efforts of law-abiding collectives to comply with Title VI regulations, writing, “It's the [non-compliant collectives] that want to roll back zoning to pretty much anything goes.”

We at Elemental agree! Be sure to Vote “No” on Measure C to protect cannabis regulations in San Jose!