We have your license to chill this January with our always-robust selection of ready-to-go pre-rolls for your consuming pleasure. With our South Bay winter bringing us highs in the mid-60s most of the week, this may be your only chance to bring some chill into your world this week. Join us as we take a look at what’s currently good on the EWC menu – let’s roll!

El Blunto’s SFV OG Bluntito: Among the most revered OG variants in existence, El Blunto’s SFV OG (30.80% THC) is certainly near the top of the extensive OG-phenotype hierarchy. Wrapped in El Blunto’s non-tobacco hemp blunt and topped off with a classy glass tip, El B delivers this indominable strain looking as sexy as ever. Offering a little more sweetness in its flavor profile, SFV also separates itself from classic OG as its effects profile leans a bit more toward the middle than the heavily-indica-dominant OG Kush. Great for afternoon and/or evening use – $16/each, WSL.

High Totem’s Banana OG Preroll: Surely one of the most unique strains around, High Totem’s Banana OG Preroll (26.14% THC) offers an unmistakable flavor coupled with particularly potent effects. These mini-rolls are great for personal use, providing a half-gram of pure flower in each, with four rolls contained in each pack. Banana OG boasts its heavily banana-like aroma (surpirse, surprise) and heavily-indica-leaning characteristics that make it great for nighttime use. $17/pack, WSL.

Papa’s Herb’s GSC Preroll: Few strains have had a bigger impact over the past decade than the ever-popular GSC, and Papa’s Herb’s take (28.65% THC) provides both unbeatable quality and top value. Lauded for its heavily indica-dominant profile and refined sweet-and-earthy aroma, GSC has been among the top choices for Cali tokers since its inception in the early-2010s. The team at Papa’s Herb has done the heavy lifting here, wrapping up some of this fine flower in a ready-to-puff joint that’ll allow you to get right down to business. Ideal for evening and/or before-bedtime use – $6/gram, WSL.

Papa’s Herb’s Zkittles Infused Blunt: More than simply a flavor of the week, Papa’s Herb’s Zkittlez Blunt (55.58% THC) boasts a flavor of the past couple years as cannabis connoisseurs across the globe have been singing this strain’s praises for the better part of the past decade. Providing users with a one-of-a-kind, candy-like taste that inspired this stain’s name, Zkittles is also held in high regard for its balanced-hybrid-like effects that make it great for anytime use. With two grams of infused flower packed into this kief-coated blunt, or high-tolerance visitors will surely enjoy this offering. $30/each, WSL.

Up North’s Durban Poison Preroll: Always a staple in any sativa stan’s stash, Up North’s Durban Poison Preroll (34.69% THC) offers a sweet-tasting, impressively psychoactive experience for visitors. DP has spawned many imitators attempting to emulate its piney-and-sweet flavor profile, but its landrace genetics simply make this strain inimitable. While DP tends to lend itself to daytime use, lower-tolerance users may want to proceed with caution with this extremely potent variety. $14/gram, WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, ready-to-go pre-rolls on your next visit.

Be well!