If your resolution for the new year involves improving both your wellness AND your finances, then Elemental is ground zero for your journey to success. Take it from this nomadic blog writer who has had to deal with cannabis prices in Massachusetts, Maine, and Illinois recently: prices in California are like, really customer-friendly, and Elemental is always home to the best discounts in the Bay.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite value options currently available:

Papa’s Herb’s Gushers Flower: ”I love it when you call me Big Papa!” Well, Papa’s Herb, we’ll call you whatever the hell you’d like us to as long as you keep providing quality products like Gushers (28.04% THC) at such a fantastic price! Crossing Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, Gushers strikes a balance between sweet and earthy, for a refined flavor profile that has kept aficionados coming back again and again. Nuggets are chunky and bulbous with a subtle purple tint and striking orange hairs – great for anytime use. $20/eighth, WSL.

Dime Bag’s Grease Monkey: The folks at Dime Bag follow up with a quality value variety of their own with their rendition of Grease Monkey (27.61% THC) available at just $25/eighth. GM offers tall, finger-like buds with a forest-green body and red-orange hairs poking out throughout its structure. Its aroma is constructed of parts sour gasoline and nutty vanilla for a unique offering that separates itself from the pack. As a balanced hybrid with manageable THC content, GM is suitable for anytime use. 

Creme de Canna’s Banana OG Diamonds: The cream always rises to the top, and the Banana OG Diamonds (82.81% THC) is certainly at the top in both the quality and value departments. Taking this ever-popular (and -potent) strain and expertly converting it into concentrate form, the folks at Creme de Canna held nothing back here, providing sugary, golden diamonds at an unbeatable price. Offering a strong Banana-like flavor, strong psychoactivity, and an indica-dominant effects profile, we recommend saving this treat for before bedtime. $20/each, WSL.

Everyday’s Northern Lights Cured Shatter: Northern Lights is an absolute unit of a classic strain that has maybe taken a bit of a backseat over the past few years with the influx of new, unique strains into the market. Well, folks, fads come and go, but true quality sustains, as is the case with Everyday’s Northern Lights Cured Shatter (73.55% THC). Providing a sweet-and-earthy flavor profile coupled with a glass-like consistency with a golden, translucent hue, the aesthetics here are on point. NL leans heavily toward the indica end of the spectrum, leading us to recommend for evening and/or nighttime use. $15/gram, WSL.

URSA’s Blue Dream Live Resin Cartridge: Looking to make this year a dream come true? No better place to start than with URSA’s Blue Dream Live Resin Cartridge (89.13% THC). The URSA team has translated this legendary strain into cartridge form with precision, nailing the strain’s earthy, sweet flavor profile that has helped sustain its popularity over the years. Acting as the quintessential hybrid variety, BD is perfectly fine to use any time of day. $25/gram, WSL.

So, return the power to your pockets in 2023 – ask your consultant about these, and other, value varieties available on your next visit.

Be well!