It’s 2023 and it’s only right you step into the new year with a quality stash poised to set the tone for a quality year. We’ve rounded up our favorite flowers currently available sure to put some pep in your step to help you take on 2023.

Let’s dive in.

Claybourne Co.’s Blue Dream: We hope your 2023 plays out like a dream, and a pocket full of Blue Dream (31.85% THC)  from Claybourne Co. is sure to get that energy flowing in the right direction. These short, chunky, and fluffy nuggets emit that ever-nostalgic sweet, earthy aroma that BD has become well known for – its balanced-hybrid characteristics make it ideal for anytime use. There’s a reason BD has solidified itself as a legendary strain over the past decade – stop in soon to see why for yourself. $45/eighth, WSL.

Floracal’s GSC91: Combining Mount-Rushmore-of-Cannabis strains OG Kush x Durban Poison, something special was bound to happen, and it did here with Floracal’s GSC91 (35.70% THC). These chunky, spiky buds are littered with alternating green-and-purple hues and red-orange hairs intertwined throughout. Its fragrance strikes a pleasing balance between its parent strains, offering parts pungent earthiness with hints of sweet pine. A balanced hybrid, but its high psychoactivity leads us to recommend for later in the day. $40/eighth, WSL.

High Totem’s Sour Lemon Diesel: For a citrusy take on a classic strain, look no further than High Totem’s Sour Lemon Diesel (30.92% THC). Providing dense, chunky nugs with a muted green body and rustic orange hairs peeking out throughout its structure, High Totem nails Sour D’s fuel-like flavor while adding just a pinch of sweet, lemon for a unique take on SD genetics. This sativa-dominant variety tests at over 30% THC for the sweet, sweet price of just $20/eighth, WSL.

Papa’s Herb’s Skywalker OG: Carry the force with you into the new year with help from the ever-relevant Skywalker OG (34.20% THC)  from Papa’s Herb. Skywalker forever holds a special place in this blog writer’s heart as it was the first strain I ever puffed on way back in 2006, but even aside from that, Skywalker has all the ingredients to make an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. Stout, chunky buds offer a forest-green hue laden with glistening trichomes while giving off the strain’s classic OG-style aroma. Only $20/eighth, WSL.

Tical’s The Method: The newest feature on the flower menu is courtesy of revered cannabis pioneer Method Man, in the form of Tical’s The Method (32.12% THC). These small, dense nuggets boast an eye-catching purple tint, covered in resin that looks as if the buds have been dipped in sugar. The flavor can best be described as toeing the line between sweet and earthy for a profile that’ll be sure to catch the attention of cannasseurs across the Bay. This indica-dominant offering is best reserved for evening use – $55/eighth, WSL.

So hurry in and ask your consultant about these, and other, fantastic flowers fit to help you kick off your 2023.

Be well!