New Year, same Elemental Wellness! 

We’re ready for yet another year of providing the Bay Area with the best cannabis around at the best value, and we’re starting off on the right foot as a slew of new products have hit the menu already! With some quality flower from a familiar name, ready-to-go prerolls at an affordable price, and CBD-heavy edibles, this month’s New Product Round-Up certainly isn’t lacking in the diversity department.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Tical’s Flower: Method Man adds his name to our growing selection of rapper-approved cannabis with the debut of his Tical flower on the EWC menu. Perhaps the most-respected toker in hip-hop history, Meth was one of the first hip-hop artists to place a heavy focus on the plant back in the early 90s, so we’re going to go ahead and defer to his expertise here. 

We’re stoked to offer three proprietary strains from Tical in Iron Lung, The Method, and P.L.O Style. Iron Lung (31.48% THC) is a sativa-dominant variety with fluffy, spiky buds and a creamy, sweet flavor that’s ideal for daytime use. The Method (32.12% THC) offers an indica-dominant option with an earthy, spicy aroma and dense, purple nuggets – great for evening use. Lastly, P.L.O Style (31.03% THC) acts as an intriguing hybrid selection providing a citrusy, earthy fragrance with a compact, trichome-laden structure. Suitable for anytime use.

All strains $55/eighth, WSL.

Lolo’s Prerolls & Papa’s Herb’s Prerolls: Two non-infused value varieties touch down on the pre-roll menu from the fine folks at Lolo and the dedicated squad at Papa’s Herb.

Adding to their line of infused rolls, Lolo adds a couple of options for visitors with more of an average THC tolerance. These prerolls are composed of one gram of pure flower for an old-school smoking experience that keeps things simple. Current varieties are Lemon (31.08% THC) a sativa-dominant option with a piney, citrus-like flavor and Blueberry Crumble (27.48% THC) an indica-heavy variety that’s best reserved for evening use. $7/each, WSL.

Papa’s Herb boasts an array of distinct products across many different categories, so it’s only right that we offer a pre-roll option from PH now as well. Kush Mintz (28.58% THC) is also a flower-only, non-infused offering, providing visitors with an earthy, menthol-like flavor and a balanced effects profile. $6/gram, WSL.

Plus Products’ 10:1 Tropical Mango Gummies: We eatin’ in 2023, and we’re starting off by snacking on some of Plus’s 10:1 Tropical Mango Gummies to get some quality CBD running through our system. These bites are vegan-friendly offering 200mg CBD and 20mg THC spread out over 20 units for a supremely doseable and tasty addition to the edible menu. Feel free to munch on a couple of these sweet, fruity gummies anytime of day. $17/each, WSL.

Let us assist you on the path to wellness in 2023 – stop by and ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new products as they continue to roll in throughout the year.

Be well and happy new year!