With Christmas (and Christmas-themed music) now (hopefully) firmly in the rear-view mirror, we have our sights set on this weekend’s New Year’s festivities. If you happen to be attending a gathering in order to celebrate, chances are you will find yourself with a drink in your hand. We say skip the hangover and the poor decision making by substituting a cannabis-infused beverage for an alcoholic one and thank us later. Here are five of our current favorite infused drinks, perfect for ringing in the new year:

Absolute Xtracts’ THC Hoppy Chill: A powerhouse collaboration between a giant in the cannabis industry and a behemoth in the world of beer has predictable results, as Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Sessions line provides a top-shelf sipper to round out 2022. This sparkling citrus-flavored drink offers 10mg THC per unit for a crisp selection with manageable psychoactivity to ensure you make it all the way to the ball drop this NYE. With the folks at Lagunitas responsible for fine-tuning the flavor, you know the taste is on-point here; combined with a mix of quality hybrid flower from Absolute there are no weak links identifiable in the Hoppy Chill. $6/each, WSL. 

Cann Drinks’ Blood Orange Hi Boy: Have a great 2023? Yes. You. Cann. Cann Drinks’ Blood Orange High Boys offer a refined flavor anchored by blood orange juice, agave nectar, and natural cardamom flavor while including just 5mg THC per unit, perfect for sipping freely and socializing without fear of overdoing it. A rare offering in the sense you won’t need to stop yourself if you find yourself enjoying the taste of this edible a little too much, Cann is engineered to subtly aid in social situations without trying to make itself the center of attention. A nice, pleasant buzz for those not keen on a high amount of THC – $18/4-pack, WSL.

Good Stuff’s Raspberry Lemonade Drink: We’ve got the Good Stuff to start you off with some good vibes for the new year in GS’s Raspberry Lemonade Drink. Packing a potent 100mg THC per bottle, you will surely want to dose this a bit more cautiously than our two previously mentioned products, making an ideal selection for high-tolerance visitors. This ‘Sativa Energy’ mix is great to sip on throughout the night, and its real raspberries and hint of tropical blossom honey will make you feel like royalty this weekend. $14/each, WSL.

Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade: Uncle Arnie teams up with Arnold Palmer to bless us with Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade – the result of many years of life experience from these two legendary innovators in their respective industries. You know the deal with Arnie’s by now: nanomolecular technology helps break down THC into even smaller particles creating a smooth, consistent experience that is also processed faster for a quicker activation time. Palmer adds his influence to the mix with a refined lemonade and iced tea combination sure to please only the most refined of palates. 100mg THC per bottle, $12/each, WSL.

Wunder’s Watermelon Basil Godspeak: The most recent beverage addition to the menu, Wunder’s Godspeak line provides a unique combination of both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC for a memorable cannabis experience from the first sip to the last. We feel the light, subtly-sweet flavor of the Watermelon Basil variety sets the tone for a calm year where many personal desires become manifested. Boasting 125mg Delta-9 and 25mg Delta-8 THC spread out over just 12 fluid ounces, we recommend sipping on this drink slowly! $14/each, WSL.

So Happy New Year, EWC Family – we look forward to serving you in 2023 and for many years to follow. Don’t forget to ask your consultant about these, and other, intriguing infused drinks to help you leap into the new year.

Be well and see you next year!