It’s been said that December is holly, jolly, and some have even gone as far as to call it the best time of the year. Though it’s safe to say we won’t see any snow here in the Bay Area and we’re trading out our ‘cup of cheer’ for a stash of really tasty cannabis – a California spin on things if you will. Here are some of our favorite berry-flavored products, sure to make your holiday plans ever merrier!

Up North’s Strawberry Runtz Flower: If you see ‘Runtz’ in the name, you know some serious flavor awaits you, and the folks at Up North put a berry interesting spin on this ever-popular strain with their Strawberry Runtz (35% THC). Runtz offers hearty, chunky nuggets with a deeply purple coloring, rustic orange hairs, and a thick layer of resin coating its exterior. Its taste can be described as a mashup of sweetness, fruit, and cream making for a complex profile that keeps visitors coming back for more. Balanced hybrid, great for anytime use – $50/eighth.

Old Pal’s Strayberry Flower: A unique variety produced only by the Old Pal team, Strayberry (29.26% THC) is the perfect selection to roll up and pass around at any holiday gathering. The genetics are proprietary, but judging by the flavor, our best guess is a Strawberry variety crossed with a Jack variety brought together to create the sweet, piney aroma detected here. Budlets are smaller with forest-green bodies and muted-orange hairs visible throughout. This sativa-dominant strain can be used any time of day – just $20/eighth, WSL.

Stiiizy’s Berry Sundae Curated Sauce: Sweeten up your schedule by treating yourself to some of Stiiizy’s Berry Sundae Curated Sauce (81.49% THC), ideal for high-tolerance visitors seeking rich flavor as well. Providing a sweet, gassy flavor, the consistency here is a bit more malleable for a sauce – not quite drippy, making it easier to handle for those inclined to make a mess. Dab this or mix it in with some flower for added potency – good for anytime use, $25/gram, WSL.

Select Oil’s Berry Cream Elite Live Resin Cartridge: “Berries and cream, berries and cream, I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream.” Aren’t we all, Starburst man? Select’s Berry Cream Live Resin Cartridge (88.40% THC) is sure to please both those who love berries and cream and those who enjoy good cannabis, offering a sweet, milky flavor with a golden, translucent oil housed in Select’s smooth-drawing cartridges. Perfect for discreet holiday use around non-approving guests, but best reserved for the evening with its indica-dominant profile. $40/gram, WSL.

Lost Farms’ Blueberry Chews: Santa shouldn’t be the only one nibbling on some tasty snacks this week, and you can count on Lost Farms’ Blueberry Chews to provide for the Average Joe and Jane. Sourced from Blue Dream live resin, Lost Farms is infused with the highest-quality cannabis from just a single strain making for consistent, potent effects with every use. With 100mg THC spread out over 10 bites, we recommend starting with just one and increasing as needed. Blue Dream is the quintessential hybrid, making these gummies an option for any time of day. $20/pack, WSL.

Stop in to Elemental soon to secure your berry merry holiday stash; ask your consultant to check out these, and other, great berry-flavored varieties on your next visit!

Be well!