One of the most immediately recognizeable names in the world of cannabis, the storied Kush lineage has been a cornerstone of cannabis genetics and stalwart in the pockets of consumers going back several decades now. Sitting at the top of that family tree is OG Kush, which is considered the creme de la creme of all cannabis strains period in many veteran cannabis circles – OG has been kind enough to sprinkle some of its special genetics into most Kush phenotypes created since. Having crossed the original Kush with almost every other imaginable variety in existence, there is a Kush option out there today for every type of smoker.

The history of Kush begins at the Hindu Kush mountains on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is one of the only regions in the world where the strain was known to grow naturally. There isn’t a person or group on record as being the ones to ‘discover’ Kush – chalk that up to its pre-internet birth and illegal status at the time. The proliferation of the strain in the west was sparked by the nomadic hippies of the ‘70s, who returned back home from their travels to the Middle East with loads of Kush seeds. With sativa cannabis being more popular at the time, growers were amazed with this indica’s short flowering time, high yield, and ability to thrive in adverse conditions. Kush quickly became a favorite of both growers and consumers worldwide.

The ‘classic’ Kush varieties (OG Kush, Platinum Kush, etc) tend to offer a somewhat consistent aesthetic: nugget are nearly always smaller, dense, and with a visible layer of trichomes coating the exterior, while its fragrance offers a sour, earthy profile that translates superbly to smoke when combusted. Use of a grinder is highly recommended for Kush flower to most efficiently consume your product.

Elemental currently offers a plethora of Kush varieties across several product categories – let’s take a look at some of our current favorites:

Our most robust concentration of Kush products falls under the flower umbrella, where we’re stocked with four unique varieties of loose flower and four pre-roll options. OZ Kush (27.45% THC) from Alien Labs is a more balanced variety with manageable psychoactivity, great for daytime use. $55/eighth, WSL. Kush Cake (30.99% THC) from Claybourne Co. is a bit more indica-heavy while offering a uniquely sweet, minty take here. $15/gram, WSL. Claybourne’s Kush Mints (33.92% THC) offers up a purple-tinted option best reserved for nighttime use. $45/eighth, WSL. And rounding it out for our buds, Khalifa Kush (33.60% THC) from Khalifa Kush provides a potent, pungent selection that is genetically very similar to OG Kush. $60/eighth, WSL.

Save some time in preparation with Alien Labs’ OZ Kush Pre-Roll (25.08% THC), sourced from the same loose flower mentioned in the section above. $14/gram, WSL. Dime Bag’s Triangle Kush 5-Pack (27.08% THC) provides a great option for personal consumption, with just 0.5 grams of pungent, earthy Kush packed into each unit. $20/pack, WSL. Reserved for our high-tolerance visitors, the Platinum Kush Infused Slugger Pre-Roll (38.74% THC) from Everyday offers 1.25 grams of flower and 0.25 grams of concentrate, making an ideal variety to share with friends. $14/each, WSL. Last, but definitely not least, OG Kush Mini-Fuzzies 3-Pack (35.71% THC) from Sublime acts as our lone offering of the famous strain, providing an extract-infused, kief-dipped pre-roll for your consuming pleasure. $25/each, WSL.

Concentrate connoisseurs we haven’t forgotten about you: Lowell Farms’ Kush Mint Bubble Hash (60.64% THC) provides a granular Kush extract that’s conducive to either smoking by itself or combining with flower for an extra-potent smoking experience. $25/gram, WSL. Nasha shoots for the stars with their Moonstone Kush Hash (62.50% THC) offering a fine consistency and floral, earthy flavor profile. Best reserved for before-bedtime use – $15/gram, WSL. And finally, Tutti treats us with their LA Kush Cake Hash (68.12% THC) offering a bit more sweetness than other Kush varieties, great for those not quite yet acquired to the classic Kush flavor. $20/gram, WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out our ever-evolving Kush offerings on your next visit.

Be well!