It’s a little early in December, but we’re getting the holiday celebrations started early with a slew of new products gifted to our ever-growing menu. With an emphasis on pre-rolls and edibles this month, everything here is ready to go as-is, cutting down on preparation time and allowing you more time to enjoy the holiday season. Let’s take a look at some new arrivals sure to enrich this special time of year even further:

Lolo’s Infused Prerolls: Snag some quality flower on the Lolo with Lolo’s new infused preroll three packs. These cones are 0.5 grams each, packed with quality indoor flower and infused with hash for an experience suited more for our high-tolerance visitors. We currently offer three unique strains: Blurred Lines (31.14% THC) an indica-dominant variety with a sweet-and-earthy flavor, Lololemon (31.56% THC) a sativa-dominant option with a citrus-like profile, and Milk and Cookies (31.82% THC) an indica-leaning selection offering a pungent, earthy aroma. Great for personal use – $16/each, WSL.

Lowell’s ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Prerolls: The folks at Lo provide some Ho this December with the seasonal ‘Ho Ho Ho’ pre-roll packs (26.26% THC) from Lowell Farms. This year’s blend is an intriguing mashup of 74% Banana OJ #7 and 26% Koffee Breath for an evenly balanced hybrid offering visitors a refined flavor profile that expertly blends sweet and spicy. With an eighth of quality ground cannabis spread out over 10 mini prerolls, these fun-sized treats are perfect for sneaking in a quick session while on the go. $40/each, WSL.

Plus Products’ Gummies Varieties: Forget a plus-one for any holiday gatherings, we say bring a plus-three, as the award-winning team at Plus Products debuts a trio of new varieties within their ever-popular line of gummies. First up, Plus’ new Clementine option falls most in line with the bulk of Plus’ other offerings, providing 100mg THC spread out over 20 tasty bites and with a single, refined flavor. $15/each, WSL. New Grapes and Cream Hash Gummies kick it up a notch, tossing solventless hash into the mix while distributing its 100mg THC over just 10 gummies – better for veteran edible users. $18/each, WSL. Rounding out the new Plus haul, Midnight Berry Gummies provide a full-spectrum variety for visitors seeking more than just THC – 100mg THC + 50mg CBN + 50mg CBD for a well-rounded edible experience. $16/each, WSL.

So roll down to Elemental and scoop some of these fresh holiday features before they get all eaten up! Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new varieties on your next visit.

Be well!