Happy Thanksgiving Week, EWC Family!

Surely one of the best food holidays in existence, there are many reasons to be excited for this Thursday, good eats only being one of them. Whether it’s a little time off from work, seeing some extended family for the first time in a while, or whatever else may be on the agenda, we hope this week is everything you want it to be. 

However, Thanksgiving week does provide a unique challenge for cannabis users, as lighting up a joint and blazing up is simply not an option for some. Enter the vaporizer, modern cannabis’ most celebrated accomplishment, perfect for situations where being discreet is a must. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite current varieties available at EWC:

Care by Design’s 18:1 CBD Cartridge: Great for many occasions, Care By Design’s 18:1 CBD Cartridge (76.20% CBD: 3.90% THC) lends itself to Thanksgiving as a therapeutic variety for those aiming to remain level-headed throughout the holiday. Offering a cherry-like flavor contained in a consistent, smooth-hitting cartridge, this variety also provides a great option to pass that one relative that swears they can handle psychoactivity, yet everybody else knows they cannot. Great for anytime use – $30/half gram, WSL.

Crystal Clear’s Maui Wowie Cartridge: A potent selection sure to keep a smile on your face even through any family political talk that may arise, Crystal Clear’s Maui Wowie Cartridge (87.86% THC) is a sativa-dominant option perfect for use throughout Thanksgiving Day. Crossing Hawaiian with an unknown parent strain, Wowie emits a fruity, tropical fragrance that provides some summertime vibes even in the midst of autumn. This sativa-dominant variety is perfect for a wake-and-bake sesh to ensure your Thanksgiving starts off on the right foot. Disposable, no additional battery required – $30/gram, WSL.

Papa’s Herb’s Runtz Cartridge: Flavor isn’t just for dinner this Thursday, as the team at Papa’s Herbs has us feeling thankful for the robust terpene profile on their Runtz Cartridge (91.48% THC) offering. Combining flavor, potency, and value, we simply don’t know how Papa’s does it, but we’re sure glad that they do. Providing a uniquely sweet, candy-like aroma that’s best for afternoon and/or evening use, Runtz acts a nice desert after a filling holiday meal. Just $15/half gram, WSL.

Select Oil’s Trainwreck Live Resin Cartridge: Gathering so many family members from all walks of life can sometimes be a stressful experience, so here’s to hoping the only Trainwreck in your life this Thanksgiving is the cartridge (83.14% THC) from Select Oil. Housed in Select’s hard-hitting cartridge, Trainwreck provides an ideal selection for visitors seeking a sativa with a sweet, piney flavor. Great for morning and/or daytime use – $45/gram, WSL.

Stiiizy’s Sour Diesel Pod: Fall back on a classic for this fall holiday, as the ever-popular Stiiizy offers up their take on Sour Diesel (87.36% THC), a longtime favorite of sativa fans around the world. Compatible with Stiiizy’s unique battery, these pods separate themselves from the pack with their sleek, flat design for additional discreteness. Sour Diesel offers a sour, fuel-like flavor profile and is ideal for daytime use. $38/gram, WSL.

We hope you have a safe, fun, and stress-free week – be on the lookout for some massive markdowns later this week to help you celebrate.

 Be well!