Ah, yes, November – we meet again. How quickly we toss those spooky October Halloween vibes out the window in favor of two months of winter-holiday propaganda. Almost like October never even happened at all. *Sigh* Alas, time goes on as it tends to do, and as we’re ever the optimists here at EWC, we’re looking for things to be thankful for this November – top of that list: weed. Let’s take a look at five strains of flower we’re happy to have in our lives this holiday season:

Alien Labs’ Biskante: Surely the only ‘skante’ you’ll want to be puffing on this fall, Biskante (30.95% THC) from Alien Labs serves as an exclusive, tasty delicacy that’s perfect for a special occasion. This Melonade x Biscotti #6 cross offers some truly unforgettable aesthetics boasting chunky, tree-like nuggets with a vibrant purple body and a frosty layer of trichomes visible to the naked eye. Its flavor is an intriguing mix of earthiness and citrus sure to please the palates of our connoisseurs out there; this sativa-dominant hybrid is great for daytime use. $55/eighth, WSL.

Connected’s Bad Apple: Here’s to wishing your November is filled with lots of good turkey, stuffing, and apple pie, so let your only Bad Apple (29.39% THC) be courtesy of the folks at Connected. A bit of a paradox, Bad Apple crosses two heavily-sativa-dominant strains (Sour Diesel x Cindy 99) for a strain that’s listed as a hybrid and looks like an indica. Offering dense, purple nuggets emitting a sweet, fuel-like aroma, we enjoy this diverse strain for midday use, as it provides influences from all ends of the spectrum. $55/eighth, WSL.

Fig Farms’ City Drifter: Many of us will find ourselves heading elsewhere this holiday season to be with others – celebrate your temporary jetset lifestyle with Fig Farms’ City Drifter (32.44% THC). Another winner from Fig (surprise, surprise), Drifter showcases large, chunky nuggets with a structure alternating between forest green and subtle purple coloring. The aroma strikes a pleasing balance between sweet and skunky for an intriguing experience sure to have visitors wanting more. Best for evening or before-bedtime use – $50/eighth, WSL.

Floracal’s Sonoma Cake: If you’re looking to partake in some dessert this holiday season, but simply don’t have the appetite after a filling main course, look no further than Sonoma Cake (30.22% THC) from the Floracal team. Sonoma’s buds are short and chunky, offering a green-and-purple body with rustic orange hairs intertwined throughout – its flavor profile is earthy and sweet, owing to its Kush lineage. This indica-leaning hybrid is ideal for evening use – $40/eighth, WSL.

Khalifa Kush’s Khalifa Mints: Adding a bit of variety to the Khalifa line, Khalifa Mints (31.36% THC) genetics (Khalifa Kush x The Menthol) were selected by king of cannabis himself, Wiz Khalifa – KM is currently available at EWC, and for that, we’re thankful. Mints’ buds are a bit chunkier than original KK, providing a vibrant green body with an abundance of red-orange hairs that immediately catch the eye. A flavor profile anchored by a fresh pine courtesy of The Menthol and sweet earthiness thanks to KK got the stamp of approval from the Wizzle Man, and we gladly co-sign here. Balanced hybrid, great for anytime use – $60/eighth, WSL.

Happy holiday season, EWC Family, from our team to yours. Ask your consultant about these, and other, fantastic flower features and be on the lookout for some more hefty holiday specials to roll out between now and the end of the year.

Be well!