Boasting as much name recognition as any family of strains in cannabis history, the Haze family tree is extensive, diverse, and most importantly, high quality. Numerous odes have been penned attesting to the prowess of this time-tested group of strains, and while new varieties are being dumped onto the market daily, there’s a few names that stand out more than others, chief among them being the subject of today’s Spotlight, Super Silver Haze.

In contrast to many other old-school strains, the emergence of SSH is actually well-documented, being traced back to the early 1990s and Greenhouse Seeds, particularly legendary breeders Neville and Shantibaba. Quickly rising to prominence due to its potency and refined flavor, WikiLeaf recalls it as “the king of all sativas in the 1990s” and it took home first-place prizes at the High TImes Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Basically, SSH has been a certified sativa classic since before some of our readers were born – in today’s ever-evolving market, it’s increasingly rare to track down a strain with such staying power.

SSH was created by crossing Original Haze with Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1, for a unique collection of genetics that results in healthy, hearty nuggets and a complex terpene profile. SSH generally offers a chunky, bulky body with alternating dark and light green hues complemented by an abundance of muted orange hairs. With a plethora of visible resin coating the exterior, we recommend the use of a grinder for maximum cannabinoid retention. The strain’s flavor is an intriguing combination of cheese, pine, and skunk that truly separates it from any other sativa variety that comes to mind – this terpene profile is anchored by caryophyllene and limonene.

Caryophyllene is known mainly for its spicy aroma and is also found black pepper and cloves. It’s likely responsible for the cheesy influence observed during inspection. Limonene offers a citrus-like contribution, found in fruits like lemons and oranges outside of cannabis. Together these terps spearhead an intriguing profile that translates superbly to smoke, and has kept partakers coming back for decades.

Lucky for you, Elemental currently has two varieties of SSH available in both flower and extract form. We start with the Super Silver Haze Mini-Fuzzies (38.13% THC) from our friends at Sublime – quality SSH flower infused with distillate and terps, and then rolled in concentrate and coated in kief for a potent cannabis experience that attacks your cannabinoid receptors from all angles. Its high potency leads us to recommend this product for evening use – $25/each, WSL. Sublime also comes through with their SSH cartridge offering (88.29% THC), perfect for our on-the-go visitors seeking a discreet method of consumption. Expertly extracted, Haze’s terpene profile has been perfectly preserved and housed in Sublime’s quality cartridge for smooth, potent, and consistent draws. $30/gram, WSL.

So hurry in to try this am-haze-ing classic strain for yourself – ask your consultant to check out our Super Silver Haze varieties on your next visit.

Be well!