Happy November, EWC Family!

It’s safe to say we’ve officially cleared any lingering summer-like days, with the forecasted high settling in the lower-60s this week. Bay Area fall is in full effect. The new products have been rolling in as always to help keep your vibe as chill as the weather this month – a plethora of diverse new varieties aim to please EWC visitors from all walks of life. Whether you prefer smoking, vaping, or munching, there’s something new on the menu for you this month – let’s check out some fresh faces:

Everyday’s Products: Everyday barrels onto the menu with robust offering of pre-rolls, edibles, and extracts. 

Everyday’s ‘Sluggers’ are 1.5-gram pre-rolls designed for multiple personal uses or a group session with friends. With 1.25 grams of flower and .25 grams of extract in each, we currently offer four unique varieties spanning the entire indica, hybrid, and sativa spectrum, offering something special for every type of smoker. $14/each, WSL.

Variety is the name of the game with Everyday, as their extract varieties encompass every kind of conceivable consistency, providing sugars, shatter, and crumble for your consuming pleasure. With THC percentages hovering in the mid-70s, vibrant golden coloring, and an unbeatable price of just $15/gram, concentrate connoisseurs will definitely want to try these out.

Rounding out the new haul for Everyday is their infused gummies sure to be a hit among our edible aficionados. Created with vegan, gluten-free ingredients there is 100mg THC infused into each package, sourced from live resin for a top-shelf cannabis experience. $10/each, WSL.

Claybourne’s Infused Pre-rolls: Among our newest faces on the menu, Claybourne makes a memorable first impression adding ‘Infused Flyers’ to their increasingly impressive selection. These half-gram prerolls are stuffed with the high-quality flower that Claybourne is known for plus crushed THCa diamonds that burn perfectly from beginning to end. Current varieties include Kush Mints (57.92% THC) an indica-leaning selection offering a minty, earthy flavor, and The Judge (56.80% THC) offering a pungent, chem-like flavor and is also indica-dominant. $36/5-pack, WSL.

Bhang’s Chocolate Bars: Bhang has been a stalwart of consistency over the years, but can still churn out unique products as well, as is the case with their new Fried Chicken and Cola and White Toast Chocolate Bars. Both of these new varieties not only offer rare, ambitious flavoring but also offer more of a full-spectrum cannabis experience, providing a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio in each bar. With 200mg of total cannabinoids, this treat should last visitors several doses depending on your tolerance level. Only $16/each, WSL.

Just when you thought you’ve tried it all at Elemental, a fresh batch of new arrival rolls in to spice up our ever-growing selection – ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new products on your next visit.

Be well!